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Maximise Your Trading Success with the Leading Crypto Signals, Bot & Analytics Platform Now.

Dash2Trade is a crypto analytics platform built by traders, for traders. Dash2Trade provides trading signals, social analytics on-chain data to maximise your profits. Join our community of 70,000 traders and invest in the D2T presale now.
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2022. 10. 19.
2022. 12. 19.
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Public sale 66.5%
Private Sale 3.5%
Development 15%
Talent Acquisition 5%
Liquidity 5%
Competition Pool 5%
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Marshall Islands
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Ethereum Network

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Dash 2 Trade is designed to take your crypto trading to the next level. From creating and testing trading strategies to tracking the latest news and on-chain data,

Dash 2 Trade makes you stay on top of the market.

Dash 2 Trade excels at revealing the data that has a true impact on performance, empowering you with a focused insight into the metrics which are most important when making wise trading decisions.

We have identified some of the most powerful data points that allow the users to formulate a holistic view of the market and make impactful trading decisions.

Copy Winning Trading Signals, Strategies & More.
Dash2Trade is building the most advanced crypto signals and analytics dashboard designed by traders, for traders. D2T token holders will get access to a full range of crypto signals and analytics features to maximize your trading opportunities.

This includes social sentiment, on-chain metric and crypto signals powered by technical indicators and Quant developers.

Presale Tokens, Social Analytics & Watchlist Alerts
Get access to social analytics and insights to catch trending coins, developer activity and social sentiment.

We’ll also be launching a crypto presale section within the Dash2Trade platform with a Dash2Trade Score Rating to help you avoid losing money in scams and invest in high quality presale coins.

Trading Bots & Strategy Builder
Avoid missing out on profitable trading opportunities. Build and execute your own profitable trading strategies auto-pilot. D2T users will be able to copy the most profitable traders on the platform or build their own DCA, Grid and other strategies using 10+ technical indicators.

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  • Q4 2022

  • VC Investment
    • Create founding team and governance
    • Development kick-off
    • Trader partnerships
    • Presale launch of D2T token
    • Full Security Audit
  • Q1 2023

  • Website Launch and Presale
    • Dashboard Launch and Beta Testing - Launch of the dashboard and start of subscriptions giving users access to:
    - Social metrics data
    - Technical indicators
    - Presale insights and scoring
    - Real-time event streams
    - Customizable Watchlists
    - News Feeds
    - New listing announcements
    - DEX Listing and CEX Listing Drive
  • Q4 2023

  • Backtester
    • Backtester
    • Risk Profiler
    • Trading competition launch
    • Trader AMA’s
    • CEX partnerships and integrations
  • Q2 2024

  • Auto-trader
    • Auto-trader
    • Trading competition launch
    • Integration with CEX API’s
    • Competition launch
    • Mobile App
    • Widgets
    • Academic
    • Integrate trading strategies with centralised Exchanges.
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  • Q4 2024

  • Social & Copy Trading Functionality
    • Charting Tools
    • D2T Social Trading Features
    • Community feedback features
    • Further CEX listings


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Web3 Engineer
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Olympiu Tuns
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