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세계에서 가장 완전하고 안전한 Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitmillex는 차후 세대 Cryptocurrency 플랫폼으로서 단지 단순한 Exchange 이상입니다.
6월, 2018
7월, 2018
100% 완료된
기금 모금 - 데이터 없음
4월, 2018
6월, 2018
100% 완료된
기금 모금 - 데이터 없음
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United Kingdom
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플랫폼, 암호 해독 성

약 Bitmillex

Bitmillex는 경험 많은 상인, 블록 체인 재무, 사이버 보안 및 일반 IT 전문가가 필요로하는 직접 솔루션을 만들고 상인의 요구에 부응하기 위해 세계에서 가장 안전하고 완벽한 Cryptocurrency Exchange로 설계되었습니다. 투자자; 그리고 이러한 솔루션을 Cryptocurrency 플랫폼의 전례가 없었던 것으로 집계하십시오.

% name % 로드맵

  • Q2 2017

  • Idea Formation;
    Market Analysis & Surveys;
    Planning and Design of Desired;
    Exchange Features.
  • Q3 2017

  • Team Formation;
    Technical Partners Selection;
    Initial White Paper Draft;
    Legal Formalities begin.
  • Q4 2017

  • Front and Back End Development begins;
    Alpha Testing;
    Algorithm Signals Testing.
  • Q1 2018

  • Incorporation of BITMILLEX LTD; Social Media Platform launch; Airdrop; Marketing.
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  • Q2 2018

  • ICO;
    Beta Testing;
    Bitmillex Exchange Launch;
    Listing on Coinmarketcap;
    KYC Module;
    Mobile APP Release;
    External Exchange Listing;
    MT4/MT5 Platform Launch.
  • Q3 2018

  • Acquisition of Additional Licences;
    Distribution of Bitmillex Debit Card;
    Marketing and Roadshows in various regions around the world.
  • Q4 2018

  • Bitmillex Headquarters Opened in London.
  • Q1 2019

  • Launch of Bitmillex Decentrex (Decentralized Exchange Platform).


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30 일 성장:

Bitmillex 팀

검증 됨 9%

주의. 확인되지 않은 회원은 실제로 팀원이 아닌 위험이 있습니다.

Co-Founder and CEO
확인되지 않음
Malcolm Briton
Co-Founder & Lead Trading Contents Dev
확인되지 않음
Rajdeep Dhar
Co-Founder, Head of Business Development
확인되지 않음
Matthias Van Dooren
Team Lead Social Media Content
확인되지 않음


$37 000 000

Imran Rahman
Lead Exchange and Smart Contracts Developer
확인되지 않음
Syed Hashim Jamal
확인되지 않음
Abdulmajeed Abdul
COO and Lead Investment Contents Dev.
검증 됨
Raees R.A Khan
Head, Software, Security & Architecture
확인되지 않음


$1 853 173

Jose Emmanuel
Lead Community Manager
확인되지 않음


$1 853 173

Brian Juat
Community Manager
확인되지 않음


$5 822 440

Gaurav Areng Chakrav...
Head of Marketing and PR
확인되지 않음

Bitmillex 인터뷰

Abdulmajeed Abdul
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am the Chief Operating Officer and lead developer of investment content.. The Bitmillex idea is simply revolutionary! Bitmillex is a fill into the gaps inherent in older exchanges. A radical deviation from the norm by catering for the needs of all
5.0 16
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% name % 리뷰
ICO review website

The Bitmillex team have come up with an interesting proposition and there are clearly profits to be made by new entrants to the cryptocurrency exchange market. The amount of trading experience within the team is a positive indication that its product will fulfil the needs of real traders.

As it always the case, the success of the project will come down to how many users it can attract. The allocation of 30% of the ICO’s proceeds to marketing seems prudent as the quicker the company can sign up customers, the quicker it will achieve critical mass.

The company’s London location is also strongly in its favour. The crypto world is sorely missing a strong European – and specifically British – player. If Bitmillex can fulfil on its promise, it stands a great chance of securing first mover advantage in a large and growing market.

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