Agro Eco Tourism Token

Agro Eco Tourism Token

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Agro Eco Tourism Token, an original, modern and innovative concept, has great potential.

Located in Spain (Batea-Catalonia), the property offers exceptional characteristics.

We have been operating the property for over 10 years. Located in a setting of wild greenery (southwestern limit of Catalonia and the province of Aragon - Spain), sheltered from all modern pollution, we produce one of the best olive oils in the world (hundred-year-old olive trees). We have several projects in development: increasing the hosting capacity but also agricultural products with high added value (truffle, hemp, etc.), reasons for this tokenization.
2021. 6. 1.
2023. 6. 1.
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$140 000
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2 873 630.00 USD
280 000.00 USD
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Agro eco tourism token sl
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Apr 4, 2022
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  • Road Map

  • June 2021
    Reflection on the implementation of the ICO. Financial analysis of the operation.

    October 2021
    Validation of the concept after consultation with our advisers: legal, financial.

    December 2021
    Validation of the ICO procedure. Establishment and coordination of internal and external teams. Synthesis and validation of the project by the historical partners.

    January 2022
    ICO launch, private sale.

    March 2022
    Launchpad ICO to the general public.

    October 2022
    Soil preparation for truffle plantation. Installation of the drip. Works villa 2.

    October 2022
    Planting of Kermès truffle oaks (INRA).

    March 2023
    Land preparation for hemp cultivation. Villa 2 swimming pool work. End of ICO. Operation according to the new concept.

    April 2023
    Planting hemp.

    May 2023
    Welcome of the first tourists.


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Marc Antoine Medus
검증 됨
Jean François Contam...
Community manager
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Rodion Voinarovskyi
Developer Block Chain
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Bohdan Mitsevskyi
Developer Block Chain
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Agro Eco Tourism Token 인터뷰

Marc Antoine Medus
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm Marc-Antoine Medus creator of Agro Eco Tourism developing our project. I'm the CEO of the company, i have a great time working with me.

What do you think about idea?
Our project is revolutionary, one of the first organic token, we want everyone to have a piece of heaven by sharing our ico.


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