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Turing Complete Plasma Chain Building Protocol Tokamak Network is a platform that assures decentralized and secure property same as Ethereum Main chain while supporting high level of scalability and extendability. Each Dapp is built easily for specific purpose through Tokamak Network.
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How It Works

Tokamak Network has each Dapp to operate in its own chain. Plasma Chains are connected to Ethereum’s Main Chain via the Tokamak Protocol.


Where Is Tokamak Network Token Used?

It is used as an incentive to correctly decentralize the Tokamak Plasma Chain. The service operator must deposit TON to open the Plasma Chain. If the chain properly runs, this deposit will gradually increase. However, if there is a technical issue in the chain and someone who finds problem raises an issue, and then, the deposit as a reward will go to that person (challenger).


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Joel - Crypto Engine
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Crypto Calibur
CryptoCalibur Interest Level: HIGH
Listing: Currently there is no set plan for ICO/IEO as they are in the private sale phase. 
Tokamak Network is a plasma-based sidechain platform that makes use of the novel zero-knowledge proofs in order to bring privacy and scalability to the EVM environment. Their solution is based on the plasma chain research, further developing the concept to include the EVM into the network, thus enabling general states & computation features for running smart contracts on the Plasma architecture, and with the add-on of ZK proofs to enhance the privacy Plasma-based chains. The team plans to continue and further expand the research on the Plasma chain technology and thus they have been awarded the top prize from the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program due to their outstanding work in the field, and their solution is one of the first to integrate the EVM into the Plasma chain architecture. 
Token Utility (ERC20 - mainnet)
-Paying tx fees within the Plasma chains, the traditional account-based model as in ETH.
-Staking tokens as deposit by the Plasma chain operator when a Plasma chain is opened to guarantee accountability for block producing.
-Possibility to delegate transaction fees, as a Plasma chain operator can choose to offer 0 fees on a chain by having a level of "stamina" that depletes as users make transactions and it replenishes within a set timeframe. This does not consume tokens as the operator stakes tokens on the Stamina contract and based on that stake, an amount of "stamina" is available.
-Rewards for connecting and validating the blocks produced on the Plasma chain with the Main chain
-Rewards for Challengers that find technical issues or malicious behavior on a Plasma chain
Future Growth
-Zero-Knowledge Proofs development  
-ZK-DAI on a Plasma chain to enhance the privacy and performance of DAI
-Enterprise development with a focus on privacy
-They are the recipients of an Ethereum Foundation Grant and plan to expand on the work of Plasma and EVM, thus they want to tap into the dev base of the ETH ecosystem.
What We Like
-Novel solution that expands a complex sector, Plasma architecture, by integrating within the Plasma chain the ability to run Smart Contracts, thus continuing and enhancing the work of Vitalik's plasma concept.  
-High experience team - big contributors to the ETH ecosystem especially in Korea.
-Live public testnet with various use-cases such as the ZK-DAI, ZK-DEX
-Team focuses on a niche solution and recognizes opportunities by integrating and complementing their project with others, aiming to partner with industry leaders.
-Winner of the top prize of this year edition of Ethereum Foundation Grant program, essentially getting the blessing of Vitalik ( for their solution.
-Integrating of another novel technology Zero Knowledge proofs and getting a relevant use-case in the DeFi sector, enhancing the DAI stablecoin ( with privacy proprieties without changing the underlying structure of it.
-This will be integrated with the ZK-DEX to drive the required liquidity without sacrificing privacy.
-"No consensus is the fastest consensus" - leveraging elements of game theory economy and the security of the Plasma chain architecture and ETH mainchain to incentivize honest behavior without requiring a consensus mechanism. 
-Designing a very flexible network, where the Plasma chain fees are adjustable and dApps can easily migrate in order to suit their needs. 
-They developed the concept of Minimum Gas Price, where a Plasma chain operator can set the minimum gas for transfer, thus improving the end user's network usability. 
Steady and sustained development, they are adding and expanding the features of both Plasma chain technology and their iteration.
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