Standart Tokenization Protocol

Standart Tokenization Protocol

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Di Standart Tokenization Protocol

Standard Tokenization Protocol & nbsp; è uno standard open source che definisce come vengono emessi e trasferiti gli asset con token, nel rispetto di tutte le normative necessarie. I token costruiti sopra lo standard STP utilizzeranno il validatore on-chain del protocollo per verificare la conformità con i requisiti specifici della giurisdizione o dell'emittente.

Il protocollo di tokenizzazione standard consente alle risorse di essere tokenizzate in modo tale da renderle pienamente conformi in tutte le giurisdizioni e trasferibili su qualsiasi piattaforma blockchain.

& nbsp;


Tokenizzazione delle risorse

Tokenizza qualsiasi risorsa per abilitare funzioni più dinamiche e programmabili

Onchain Crowdfunding

Un crowdfunding decentrato e intelligente basato sul contratto basato sul token STP

Conformità automatizzata </​​h3>

Passaggio da reattivo a conformità proattiva con lo standard token STP

% name% Roadmap

  • November 2018

  • STP Network Founded
    The concept for a tokenization standard is created when the founders draft an
    initial idea of token-level compliance aimed at solving the problems of current
    fundraising options as they exist today.
  • April 2019

  • Whitepaper Release
    Version 1.0.0 release of the STP whitepaper, using feedback from key industry
    players to finalize the concept and lay out the high-level roadmap for the
  • April 2019

  • STP Private Sale
    During the Private Sale of STPT tokens, 30% of the tokens will be sold, allowing
    early investors to help bootstrap the network for the next phase of development
    and engage as network participants.
  • June 2019

  • STP Launch Pad Offering
    The Public Sale of STPT tokens is planned for 2Q 2019 on a Launch Pad
    offering. After token distribution, we will hold the first token-holder election for
    the STP Validator Committee.
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  • September 2019

  • Inaugural Issuance
    This will mark the first issuance built using the STP-Standard as well as
    the beginning of a new global phase of asset tokenization and token-level
    compliant fundraising. STP Network will look to help any
    issuer who wishes to tokenize their asset in a compliant manner.
  • February 2020

  • Data Service Provider Partnerships
    Build partnerships with global and regional service providers, including legal
    teams, token advisors, developer communities, regulatory bodies, data analytics
    platforms, and other groups which may assist in helping issuers meet their needs.
  • 1Q 2021

  • White Label Offering
    Depending on future market conditions, STP Network may work with other
    exchanges, entities, and token issuing teams to offer all or some services under a
    whitelabel service. This may be targeted at enterprise and governmental bodies
    for large scale tokenization projects.


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Block 72 has a good reputation of supporting promising projects including clients like Zilliqa, Bitmax, Basic Attention Token, Ontology etc. STP Network will gain advantage of BLOCK 72 expertise and will evolve over time. As explained the team and advisors are strong and influential in blockchain space. STP tokens can find easy adoption like BNB which is being used for Launchpad IEO. While the details of the IEO are not yet revealed it will be listed on Bitmax and Tier 1 exchange. Overall i like the project and look forward for further IEO details
Short-term: Very good 
Long-term: Good 
ICO rating: 8.6/10

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Crypto Calibur

Due to the limited amount of information available, STP Network is quite a tough project to evaluate, however, it does have some stand out positives. These include the fact that the team are operating in a highly lucrative sector which has no problem attracting large amounts of revenue, and the team look set to conduct an IEO which should prove beneficial even if only in the short term. In addition, the presence of blockchain funds such as FBG Capital, NGC, Block VC, Alphabit, AlphaCoin Fund, and GBIC adds legitimacy to the project even though the behaviour of certain funds often leaves something to be desired. The team have already successfully raised $5 million, although, there have been some queries regarding private sale prices and pool allocations, and these issues lead to some of the concerns about the project. Firstly, as STP Network is based in Asia it’s more difficult to validate various aspects of the project and the team have only produced minimalistic outlines on aspects of their team, advisors, and legal/commercial approach.
The lack of information on their legal approach is more of a concern as the STO sector is a legal minefield and it may take years for regulatory clarity to develop as regulators across various jurisdictions take their time to lay down solid frameworks. At the same time, STP Network face strong competition from projects like tZERO and a host of other operators while traditional institutional players could also enter the scene at any time and command a large share of the market. With that said, STP Network does shine over its competitors in the sense that their focus will not only be on tokenizing STOs, but also IEOs, Compliant ICOs, and other formats of asset insurance.
Despite these issues, STP Network retains a strong core team and will look to leverage its close ties with Block72 who will be an early source of revenue in terms of helping to drum up business, while also paying the salaries of the STP team. Block72 has worked with projects such as Ontology, Basic Attention Token, Hedera Hashgraph, and Algorand, and its staff are experienced in a number of core aspects of running a blockchain business that will prove crucial to STP. The team are aiming to focus on the Asian market in the short term, and while the security token niche may be a slow burner, conducting an IEO may go some way to improving the project’s visibility and transparency with western audiences as well as increasing its attractiveness in the short term.

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Shin Chan
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