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Nexthash launches the world’s first IEO-backed by its EU regulated exchange Nexinter to enable private sale participation of Digital Security Offering (DSO) by any customers. By buying NIXT tokens, any holder will be able to purchase security tokens under the same conditions as professional investors and secure current and future benefits of being among the first to join.The goal of NIXT - Nexinter IEO is three-fold:1. ENGAGEMENT: to build a new digital engagement as early as possible with new categories of traders, with full focus on compliance and security. 2. INCLUSION: to build a leaner “Digital Security Offering” framework by starting to engage at an earlier stage with companies that have planned to launch a DSO (Digital Security Offering) and provide them the benefit of an end-to-end competitive and transparent offering.3. ADOPTION: to leverage upon such an engagement to build the most liquid, user friendly and competitive end-to-end Digital Security Offering Platform in the world, to drive a broader inclusion to the financial world NIXT token holders will receive the benefit to participate in Nexinter Private Placements of Digital Security Offerings as early as professional investors with exactly the same conditions.
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Di Nexinter

In the current financial world, many people start investing their money into years after professional investors, because it requires business understanding, in-depth financial knowledge and network connections. And because they are not given the chance even if they had wished.

We envision a future where anyone is being offered the opportunity to be aware, self-educated and to participate to the value creation process of the companies of the future, the new stocks. At early stage, as professionals do.

Think about IPOs and current stock valuations, don’t you believe it is time to rebuild the rules of company’s valuations to truly reflects market value? This is a time game; it requires to step at early stage into such process.

We have built our Nexinter exchange because we strongly believe that it will represent the heart of the ecosystem for a new category of investors, companies seeking to grow their capital, investment funds, venture capital, family offices, traders and so on.

The exchange is not just a listing platform to provide access to primary and secondary markets, but it is an effective marketplace where business meets communities and investors, borderless, 24 by 7.

Our IEO goal is to build this global community of the future of money that will timely interact with such an ecosystem.

We will create all this, by closely introducing and presenting companies that will issue the new stocks, called security tokens, and their values to our community, at an early stage, creating inclusion and proximity, with the goal to match them with a brand-new category of the financial world that we will shape.

Early stage doesn't mean to replace traditional seed funding into a sort of tokenized ICOs, that were mostly investments out of thin air. We will be extremely selective to allow the participation into this economy to companies that share the same vision and principles we have.

We aim at redefining the connection between people and finance, and our IEO is just the beginning of a long journey.

Don’t you feel to be always late when it comes to investing? Let’s join us to our Nexinter journey by participating to our IEO and come on board! At early stage.

% name% Roadmap

  • February 2019

  • Nexinter Exchange launch.
  • April 2019

  • Nexinter OTC Desk launch.
  • July 2019

  • First DSO signed.
  • October 2019

  • Automated trading signalator
  • Leggi di più
  • November 2019

  • In-house market maker platform
    Nexinter Exchange Debit Card.
  • December 2019

  • First Nexinter Trading Contest.
  • H1 2020

  • NextHash DSO
    Nexinter Forex Platform.
  • H2 2020

  • First DSO listed on Nexinter Exchange.


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Nexinter Squadra

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Matjaz Ivanusa
Chief of External Relations
Ana Bencic
President & Founder
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Daniele Mensi
Chief Executive Officer
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Ervin Nadarevic
Financial Analyst
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Roger Ver
Industry Advisor
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Ian Scarffe
Community Advisor
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Giacomo Arcaro
Community Advisor
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Jonathan Galea
Legal Advisor
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Nexinter Interviste

Matjaz Ivanusa
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Nexthash launches world’s first IEO backed by its EU regulated exchange Nexinter to enable private sale participation of Digital Security Offering (DSO).
What do you think about idea?
Nexinter DSO (Digital Securities Offering) Platform
STO Platform (Security Token Offering) or DSO Platform (Digital Security Offering) is a raise capital using financial engineering
and smart contracts on a blockchain with investors legal rights from traditional markets. A business’s idea, team, revenue,
and product are evaluated for suitability of securities offering through our so called “DSO Pipeline”.
We provide the:
- Deal structuring
- Platform for token issuance and distribution
- Custody of assets
- Legal, Financial and Audit advisory
- Technical audit
- Access to Primary and Secondary market
(Nexinter exchange and OTC desk)

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