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Muse Protocol

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Muse Protocol is the foundation that Muse Incorporated is built on. It is an innovative approach to an autonomous and transparent means of royalty distribution and media rights ownership. It is a next-generation publicly verifiable form of technology dedicated to bringing transparency and ground-breaking innovation to the way the music industry operates. Muse Protocol is a digital ecosystem built on a set of automatic, pre-arranged agreements, called smart contracts, that allows for the trust free management of profit generated by music and the transformation of fanbases into their own symbiotic economies.
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5 gen 2020
12 gen 2020
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Muse Incorporated
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Dec 7, 2019
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Di Muse Protocol

Current platforms used to collect and distribute Digital Royalties are costly, inefficient, non-transparent, and deliver no means of collaboration between artist and listener to create true value for creative works. The segregation between Marketing, Publishing, Distribution, Recording, and Royalties (MPDRR) creates major inefficiencies that drastically reduce the profit margin for the artist and raises the cost for the listener. To
wrap this into as simple terms as possible; the current music business is outdated, outpaced, and extremely behind on any type of innovation of the business model.
This extremely unnecessary diversification of tasking is solved with the implementation of the Muse Protocol, and creates more efficiency and true avenues for earning for both artist and listener. Muse Protocol becomes the artists MPDRR Solution and integrates the consumer into every possible aspect of the artists development. Never before has it been possible to break new aspiring artists into the spotlight with something as simple as a few creative works, and pure as the proof of drive to succeed with it.


The Muse Protocol is the foundation of the Muse Ecosystem. It is a collection of permanent rules and triggers that outline key functions for operations throughout the decentralized applications built utilizing The Muse Protocol. Built on the Tron Blockchain, Muse Protocol is a TRC-20 Compliant Smart Contract created to issue and maintain an immutable record of all transactions conducted within the Muse Ecosystem. This includes Muse Platform, Muse Exchange, Muse Application, Muse Token, and Muse Dollar. Muse Protocol will also feature a built in trustee system, security overwatch, and democratic expansion system. 

Every smart contract ecosystem generates a utility token used as a form of “gas” which initi- ates, transfers, and maintains different transactions following the set rules and conditions outlined in the smart contract it is born from. Muse Token is the voting utility token generated by The Muse Protocol Smart Contract and is used as a form of delegate token to measure the amount, and weight, of a vote within the ecosystem.

The amount of Muse Token one holds determines several factors including; amount of votes during quarterly democratic expansions, the weight of those votes as normal or master delegate votes, and the amount of quarterly stable gas distributed based on that held amount. Based on the type of proposal created, a certain amount of master delegate votes is required to make it pass, along with a certain amount of normal delegate votes. This amount of required votes will vary entirely based on the magnitude of the change proposed to the ecosystem and the urgency of the proposal. 1 Muse Token is equal to 1 normal delegate vote, while 1,000 Muse Tokens is equal to 1 master delegate vote.

Every quarter, Muse Token holders will be alerted with a list of ideal proposals, frozen transactions, budget statements and other votable items that all pertain to the future of Muse for the quarter moving forward. Voting on these changes will enable your gas distribution to take place for the previous quarter, and enables your delegate status to remain active within the community. Maintaining a positive delegate status within the ecosystem is the key to becoming a Muse Stable Gas Distributor. A more in-depth technical explanation on Muse Token and Stable Gas Distributors can be found in our Technical Paper.

Muse Platform is the first decentralized application that will be built on on top of Muse Protocol. It is the central “hub” of data containing all records pertaining to songs, streams, and sales. It will also be a great place to gather information on the artists and service providers people enjoy so much. The main use case for Muse Platform, is to maintain publicly verifiable record of all songs, streams, sales, trades, and actions conducted via use of the Muse Application and Muse Exchange. It will primarily be usedby Artists, Service Providers, and Delegate Holders and will feature statistical, financial, and personal information pertaining to artists and service providers. This information is available to the artists and service providers, and will also be available to the delegate token holders that support them through sales, promotion, or through an Artist Token Offering.

Statistical, Financial, and Personal information pertaining to the artists and service providers is gathered in a number of ways. Muse Platform will collect information from third-party service providers, such as Spotify, and present this data to the artists and service providers. It will also handle the task of collecting artists royalties from these platforms as well. This collective gathering of information is what builds the available Artist Portfolio and provides accurate statistical, financial, and personal information pertaining to the artist and
service provider. This information is extremely important to all Muse Token holders, because it determines the potential performance an artist can deliver and the potential financial outcome if one were to support this artist as an investor.



% name% Roadmap

  • Dec 1st, 2019

  • Bount Round 1 Begins
  • Dec, 2019

  • Desktop MVP Release.
  • Jan 1st, 2020

  • Bounty Round 1 Ends
  • Jan 5th, 2020

  • IEO Round 1 Lukki Exchange
  • Leggi di più
  • Feb 1st, 2020

  • Bounty Round 2 Begins
  • Mar 1st, 2020

  • Bounty Round 2 Ends
  • Apr 1st, 2020

  • IEO Round 2 Begins (Exchange Not Published Yet NDA Signed)
  • May 2020

  • Test Net Released
  • May 2020

  • Trading Begins On Lukki and Exchance #2
  • June 2020

  • Bounty Round 3 Begins
  • July 2020

  • Bounty Round 3 Ends
  • Aug 2020

  • Bounty Distribution
  • August 2020

  • Main Net Release


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Muse Protocol Squadra

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Anthony Colon
Co-Founder CEO
Brett Whervin
Co-Founder COO

Muse Protocol Interviste

Anthony Colon
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the CEO and Co-Founder of Muse, I actively engage in supporting all my team in building the Muse Protocol to it’s fullest potential.
What do you think about idea?
I believe Muse Protocol is the true solution to global Digital Royalties and Social Streaming by creating a decentralized platform for artists and listeners to engage as symbiotic ecosystems.
Brett Whervin
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As Co-Founder I play several roles within our organization. I specialize in creative problem solving and have an uncanny ability to locate and assimilate the talent necessary to solve any issues that may arise.

My main focus is at the moment is building compelling campaigns to increase our user numbers and solidify our brand identity.
What do you think about idea?
Blockchain and digital royalties are a match made in heaven. Naturally, there are a few teams working on solutions to the streaming industries' deficiencies. However, I feel most teams in the blockchain space will come to understand one fact. Average tech users couldn't care less about their "amazing technological advancements" over the established incumbents. Users are won or lost through the emotional and cerebral experience of using any app. If the experience is novel, stimulating, refreshing and also provides the users with financial incentives to share it the app or d-app has a chance to do very well. A brand is established through its swagger, in its ability to simultaneously cause division and unite people under a single banner. Muse Protocol is the first "Decentralized Streaming Service" that will gamify the consumption and distribution of music and digital content fostering an enviroment for viral growth.

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