MorCrypto Exchange (PreICO)

MorCrypto Exchange (PreICO)

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MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services, cryptocurrency e-commerce, multiple cryptocurrency investment opportunities with 5% ROI paid in BTC The ease and speed of cryptocurrency transactions is a phenomenon that should be encourage in the financial system, financial account creation and KYC has become seamless.
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Di MorCrypto Exchange (PreICO)

MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services that guarantees 5% monthly ROI paid in Bitcoin. We are also building a cryptocurrency e-commerce platform, a professional sports gaming app and a cryptocurrency mining farm. powered by our base coin MOR.

The core vision of Morcrypto is to encourage cryptocurrency adoption, stability in cryptocurrency earnings and a marketplace where products can be purchased with cryptocurrency at ease.

The ease and speed of cryptocurrency transactions is a phenomenon that should be encouraged in the financial system, financial account creation and KYC has become seamless. Kindly read through our investment paper for more information.

MorCrypto Lending System is NOT A PONZI SCHEME
Most people who have come in contact with our project mistake us for a ponzi scheme, whereas a ponzi scheme is a peer to peer system where the reward of a user is dependent on new entrants into the system. Why does a ponzi scheme crash? When there are more users depending on new entrants and there are few people buying into the idea, the system can no more payout rewards, thereby forcing the organizers to fold up.

The MorCrypto Lending system is millions of miles apart from a ponzi scheme, actually not related in any way.

Here is a detailed explanation on how we intend to control our lending system;
A percentage of the net profit generated by the company is allocated to fund the lending system. Which means it can only accommodate a certain number of lenders per time, the system closes up after the threshold has been reached and opens up after the end of every lending period.

This means we will have more people HODLing and waiting to lend MOR coin to the system in order to receive 5% ROI in BTC while the system automatically returns their invested MOR coins to their wallets. This means ther will be less sellers and more buyers of MOR coins in the market, reducing supply and increasing demand; resulting to MOR coin price appreciation.

MorCrypto is a multifaceted investment company in diverse sectors including e-commerce, a trading exchange, a professional sports gaming app and a mining farm.

First question is, do you really think a project cannot payout 5% from multiple investment dividends? How come the banks keep buying up properties and their CEOs live large while savings accounts receive peanuts as interest?

In fact, they can pay even more if they are not trying to maintain a status quo, create a balance between industries and feed the greedy. MorCrypto has a very simple secret; invest in the best & share net profit of total investments.

What are our investments? We are launching an e-conmerce platform, a crypto trading exchange, a mining farm and a professional sport gaming app. All these will constitute to supplying funds for our 5% remittance, and this is excluding our ecosystem reserve for eventualities.

It is worthy to note that as a prepared team that has been around the cryptosphere for a while, our product prototypes are already in place and ready for roadmap timeline to elapse for launch. Guess what? We are not just paying out 5%, we are paying out in BTC!

We shared some of our prototypes with top ICO websites like foundico, trackico and coincodex to be eligible for listing. Sincerely, we can understand everyone's plight in accepting a project too good to be true due to the nature of our terrain. But we truly hope everyone can give us a benefit of the doubt, let's try something new!

% name% Roadmap

  • Q4 2019

  • Launch website with Lending functionalities.
  • Q4 2019

  • Partnership with Marketing firms for promotions. IEO Launch and Giveaway campaign.
  • Q1 2020

  • Listing on other Exchanges.
  • Q2 2020

  • Official Launch of Morcrypto Exchange.
  • Leggi di più
  • Q3 2020

  • Building of crypto mining farm.


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