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4 apr 2022

The whole idea behind MIE Network was to build and develop a hybrid blockchain network that can
conveniently be connected with its sidechains. One thing which we wanted to achieve through the MIE
network is that unlike all the major blockchain networks it should not have its limit within one single
network but this network should be able to communicate with any second, third or fourth network.
We knew that with such ideas, safety and security will be at high risk, so along the way we also worked
on keeping the network safe and secure for the users even when they are communicating or transacting
to other networks
apr, 2022
apr, 2022
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10% Founder and promoters
10% Developers and legal Team
5% Tech Funds
30% Airdrop, Referal, Sale
40% IEO
5% Private IEO
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Mie Technology LLP
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Jun 29, 2021
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30% for airdrop, sale , Referal and promotion
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Di Mie Network

MIE Network is here to absorb the world into blockchain technology. We are here to do that by
making MIE Network the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world. We are not just
saying it but we have planned it all through.
MIE Network is here to function as the most trusted and economical platform for individuals,
entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses for investing, trading, transacting and prospering
by having a global market position with a broad perspective that facilitates integrity,
transparency, and economic well-being.
What MIE provides is scalable, secure, and instant transactions with the use of multichain based
on an adapted implementation of a hybrid framework for asset security, that too with a
decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (POS) validators.
The convenient understanding of the whole process is that our MIE is letting everyone create
scalable DApps (Decentralized Apps) while ensuring the interoperability of superior users
alongside the feature of scalability to existing public blockchains.


MIE will provide an interface for users with payment APIs and SDKs for D Apps. Merchant and users will
instantly accept payment or pay amount in crypto assets (e.g., ERC20 tokens, Ethers, TRC20 tokens).
We have plans to roll out this system in three phases:
● Ethereum and ERC20 token payments and TRC 20 TRON payments
● Multi-asset cross-chain transfer and payment through swaps and liquidity providers
● Fiat enabled payment system through fiat liquidity providers

Informazioni tecniche


● Token Name: MIE NETWORK
● Token Ticker: MIE
● Total supply: 100,000,000,000 MIE (Pre-Mined)
● Platform: Tron Blockchain
● Standard Token: TRC20
● Token Type: POS (Proof of STAKING)

% name% Roadmap

  • 2022

  • First Quarter
    ● The first phase of multichain wallet and DEX exchange will be started with the swapping and
    liquidity pool.
    ● MIE Staking Platform will be launched.
    ● The legal process will be started in various countries.
    Second Quarter
    ● BETA testing of wallet and DEX exchange will be started.
    ● The development of global centralized exchange will be started.
    Third Quarter
    ● The wallet and DEX exchange will be opened to the public.
    ● Alpha and Beta testing will undergo
    ● A teaser of the centralized exchange will be launched and parallel to that we will start listing our
    exchange on various platforms.
    ● Swapping and liquidity pool will also be launched.
    Fourth Quarter
    ● The development of the architecture and design of blockchain networks will get started.
    ● The initial release of centralized exchange will take place.
    ● The coin-burning event will be hosted.
  • 2023

  • First Quarter
    ● The white paper will be released with the details of the blockchain network.
    ● The preparation for the blockchain gaming platform will be started.
    ● The IEO & ICO launchpad will be prepared alongside the DApps platform.
    Second Quarter
    ● Development of the cryptocurrency wallet for multiple operating systems and browser extensions
    will be initiated which will also include hard and cold wallets.
    ● Designing of UI/UX for gaming and IEO ICO launchpad will be started.

    Third Quarter
    ● The development of the blockchain network will be started with the initial release of ALPHA TEST
    Fourth Quarter
    ● Deployment of NODES will be started.
    ● The design of the mining platform will be started.
    ● Another “coin-burning” event will be hosted.

Mie Network Squadra

verificata 100%

Milan Chavda
CEO, CO-Founder
Kalpesh Chavda
CMO, CO-Founder
Gaha Farid

Mie Network Interviste

Milan Chavda
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Im co founder ceo of mie network and software engineer, i also have 4 year of experience in blockchain and Cryptocuurency development
What do you think about idea?
Nothing say we have everything on website and faq else ping me on social profile i will let you know
Kalpesh chavda
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
im chief management officer , im also working for community built up and manage whole financial work of MIE NETWORK
What do you think about idea?
our idea is to develop blockchain ecocsystem that can be run with different core network and also help all kind enterprise solution
Gaha Farid
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Our Mission is to give the world a blockchain platform that they can trust due to the sophistication of the
security it carries. We also aim to help people find reliability in cryptocurrency through the amount of
scalability we are willing to offer through our network system.
The MIE Network is not here just to bring new advancements to the process but also to help and ease
things for the users. We want to provide the fastest, scalable, compatible, safe blockchain system while
keeping economics in mind. Building an economically trusted platform for everyone including
entrepreneurs, start-ups, even small businesses.
Giving our users a healthy, safe, and pocket-friendly blockchain environment for the better future of the
system and the users at the same time is something that MIE Network is focusing to attain as we spread
our legs in the world of blockchain network systems.
What do you think about idea?
Our goal is simple and very clear in our minds, which is to create a blockchain network with the potential
of a global market having a broad perspective that facilitates integrity, transparency, and economic wellbeing.
A system with integrity has always been the one that earns the trust of people in every corner of the world
and this is the reason why we are committed to building and maintaining the integrity of the MIE network.
The transparency always allows the people part of your journey to submit themselves with the least
concern because whatever goes on is always out in the open in front of everyone then there is no space
left to question anything except to become the crucial part of it.
The times we live in are the most volatile ones where maintaining economic well-being has become a
tough task for many out there. MIE Network has initiated to work out a space that is not only a business
model but is also set to motivate people’s economic well-being through our economically feasible

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