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The LCG Energy project aims to create a full-fledged energy ecosystem powered by the LCG platform and the existing infrastructure built by the LCG company over the course of the last 11 years. The LCG platform will offer energy-related services and products, investment opportunities in renewable energy projects and a digital currency that is supported by green investments. With a record revenue of over 40M EUR last year, LCG Energy is currently on its way of acquiring sustainable green projects worth 80M Euro with an expected return of investment of over 20%, positioning it as one of the few companies on the blockchain market that is generating profit prior to its ICO.
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1 mar 2020
30 apr 2020
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LCG Energy
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May 1, 2017
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Di LCG Energy

With the emergence of the industrial sector in the last 100 years and its rapid development, the energy industry has grown tremendously. The demand for energy is steadily increasing. Yet the energy industry is faced with an array of obstacles it needs to overcome in order to match the pace of the exponential technological evolution.


LCG Energy aims to become the first electricity provider in the world to adopt blockchain technology in order to resolve the issue with information asymmetries between consumers and electricity providers and bring full transparency to the industry. By channeling all of the consumption data through Smart Meters developed by LCG Energy and with the help of blockchain, information about power consumption and the prices at which energy has been acquired will be made publicly available and will not be changeable by any entity - even by LCG Energy. People will no longer have to simply trust their electricity providers - they will have solid proof of the exact amount of energy they have consumed and will be protected against overpricing by the supplier.



  • A full-fledged energy ecosystem: The LCG ecosystem and the LCG token will create endless possibilities for users to meet their energy demands - from paying their electricity bills digitally to a wide range of informational services, products and investment opportunities available to LCG token holders at an attractive price.
  • Supported by green energy projects: 80% of the proceedings collected via the LCG Energy ICO will be dedicated towards the investment in land registered renewable energy projects & infrastructure with a ROI of at least 20%, thereby increasing the price stability of the token. With all projects carefully evaluated by LCG Energy prior to the investment, the LCG token offers a much more sustainable model than the majority of tokens on the blockchain market today.

Smart Meters with blockchain integration: Smart Meters are far superior to the traditional power meters that need to be checked manually at least once a year and do not have any way of transmitting the data collected by them digitally. Smart Meters allow consumers will have access to comprehensive data that is currently not supplied by traditional electricity providers, which will allow them to adopt efficient power consumption methodologies. With their integration to AI and machine learning algorithms, as well as blockchain technology, their functionality will be greatly improved.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2009

  • Foundation of the LCG Group
  • 2014

  • Permission granted by the Federal Network Agency for LCG Energy GmbH to operate as an energy supplier in Germany
  • 2016

  • Permission granted by the E-Control Austria to operate as an energy supplier in Austria
  • 2018

  • Foundation of a contracting company for the handling of projects in the field of renewable energies
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  • 2018

  • Foundation of a consulting subsidiary
  • June - August 2019

  • Token sale and initiation of the first energy projects
  • 2019

  • Record revenue of € 40 mn
  • Q1 2020

  • Smart Meter software implementation for direct energy buying from exchanges
  • 2020 - 2021

  • The LCG coin is implemented as payment for purchasing energy in Europe


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