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Il token JAM è un token di utilità ERC20 per la musica che verrà eseguito sulla rete Hedera Hashgraph. Il token sarà completamente integrato con la piattaforma hearo.fm per fornire agli artisti e ai fan un ecosistema per micropagamenti decentralizzati di criptovaluta.
20 gen 2019
20 apr 2019
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60% Public Sale, 20% hearo.fm Inc., 10% Founders, 5% Engineers, 5% Advisors
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Di hearo.fm

Abbiamo intrapreso questa missione per creare un mercato musicale globale indipendente che gli artisti possano collaborare, condividere la propria musica e connettersi direttamente ai propri fan. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di democratizzare l'accesso alla musica e uniformare il campo di gioco per gli artisti di tutto il mondo. Oggi, hearo.fm è un fiorente mercato musicale in cui è possibile scoprire una grande musica indipendente da tutto il mondo. Il token Jea Hearo.fm è un token musicale alimentato Hedera Hashgraph per consentire una piattaforma di marketplace decentralizzata globale per artisti e fan. Utilizzeremo il token JAM per creare un'economia musicale completamente tokenizzata che consente di micropagamenti direttamente tra artisti e fan per lo streaming e la cura della musica.

Con l'emergere di nuove forme di tecnologia ledger distribuita (DLT), in particolare Hedera Hashgraph, hearo.fm sarà in grado di creare nuove opportunità per la crescita degli artisti, che prima erano impossibili. Il token JAM sarà un token basato su Hedera Hashgraph per la musica per potenziare un artista e un artista globale. mercato dei fan. Abbiamo progettato questo token per risolvere i problemi esistenti con la valuta fiat e la tecnologia blockchain per i micropagamenti musicali. Per gestire micropagamenti senza bordi senza soluzione di continuità, la piattaforma richiede un elevato throughput, bassa latenza, costi bassi e un protocollo di consenso sicuro di livello bancario. Hedera Hashgraph sarà in grado di soddisfare tali esigenze, con centinaia di migliaia di Tx / s per frammento, tariffe basse e un protocollo di consenso Proof of Stake (PoS) per il voto virtuale asincrono. Così la rete pubblica Hedera Hashgraph sarà in grado di alimentare un token di piattaforma musicale consumer su larga scala con milioni di utenti simultanei. Inoltre, Hedera Hashgraph supporterà contratti intelligenti scritti in Solidità, il che significa che i contratti intelligenti Solidity esistenti verranno eseguiti senza alcuna modifica richiesta. Pertanto, Hedera Hashgraph sarà in grado di supportare i token standard ERC20, così come tutti i framework e strumenti software open source come Remix e Truffle; frequentemente utilizzato nello sviluppo di contratti intelligenti.



% name% Roadmap

  • 2010

    While at Brown University, Andrew Antar started a student group for musicians to collaborate with each other, jam, and form bands. Upon its initial success on campus, Andrew began designing a music social network and recruiting Brown's top engineering talent. Meanwhile at University of Pennsylvania, Brian Antar was producing beats for local rap/hip-hop artists and recording sessions at Penn Studios. Upon searching for ways to independently distribute tracks while retaining full control, Brian saw it didnt exist and decided to create a direct-to-fan music marketplace where artists can control their pricing and distribute music directly to their fans. Once the brothers realized they were both simultaneously creating music platforms, they combined their ideas and efforts to create the ultimate global social music marketplace platform for artists and fans to share their music.
  • 2011

    The company is officially incorporated as a Delaware corporation with Lowenstein & Sandler LLP and a non-exclusive hybrid stream and sell music license for artists is created by top media licensing attorneys for hearo.fm Inc. while the dev team cranks out code at weekly hackathons fueled by pizza and beer. Hearo.fm Inc. brings on its first Advisory Board member Hal Real, owner of World Cafe Live.
  • 2012

    Hearo.fm is selected to be part of the inaugural class of Brown Venture Labs with a cash grant to further accelerate development of the venture. Upon completion of the accelerator, the hearo team moves out to Silicon Valley to live together for the summer to build the minimum viable product (MVP). The team hacked away day and night while soaking up the tech culture in the SF Bay Area. By the end of the summer they had something cool enough to show to close musician friends.
  • 2013

    The hearo.fm alpha is launched and hearo.fm Inc. secures its first angel investment from legendary computer software wizard Andy Hertzfeld, co-creater of the original Macintosh with Steve Jobs. The artist marketing team is formed and hearo.fm brings its presence to weekly open mics at World Cafe Live and sponsors shows for local bands with the help of band managers, talent buyers, and artists who believe in our mission. The marketing team spreads the word in a grassroots effort to seed the marketplace with incredible music from around the world.
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  • 2014

    Hearo.fm Inc. moves its headquarters to Austin, Texas and secures its largest investment to date from local angel investor Aniello Callari. Hearo.fm launches its beta streaming platform 'Hearo One' at South by Southwest (SXSW) with an exhibition space and 2 music showcases bringing over 40 bands to Austin. The hearo.fm Rockin' Riverboat Showcase was sponsored by Bose and became the most subscribed event at SXSW with over 10,000 RSVPs on Do512.
  • 2015

    Hearo.fm partners with the Music Business Association, Fine Gold Music, and Pledge Music. Key music industry veterans Jeff Rabhan and Jonathan Finegold join the Advisory Board as well as business strategy experts Joseph McGrath and Doc Parghi. Hearo.fm is featured in Product Hunt, Hypebot, Music Think Tank, Philadelphia Inquirer, and CBS3 Eyewitness News TV.
  • 2016

    The hearo.fm beta platform grows to over 5,000 artists with lossless music and over 50,000 music fans as hearo.fm hosts dozens of local band showcases across the country and recruits independent artists from around the world through guerilla marketing, social media, and content creation. As the platform scaled up, hearo.fm made significant investments into its uncompressed audio file conversion technology to be able to upload and stream thousands of large original master files seamlessly.
  • 2017

    With the constant challenges of running a fiat marketplace with banks and credit cards, the founders felt that in order to truly fulfill their full vision for hearo.fm, they needed a way to fully tokenize the marketplace to enable micropayments directly to artists and allow for a decentralized music economy to flourish where artists and fans can earn tokens by streaming and curating music. The hearo.fm founders embarked on a search to find the best distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency software platform available to enable micropayments and tokenization of the marketplace.
  • 2018

    Hearo.fm announces the JAM token in London at Creatives Unblocked and puts out a press release on PR Newswire that it signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Hedera Hashgraph and will begin developing smart contracts for the JAM token utilizing the Hedera Hashgraph testnet APIs. The hearo team conducted a private presale SAFT round and launched the JAM token website announcing the public presale on various ICO listing and news platforms including ICO Alert and CCN. Hearo.fm brings cryptocurrency experts Helen Disney and Joe Fisher onto the Advisory Board.
  • 2019

    In Q1 Hearo.fm Inc. will conduct the JAM token ICO on the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger network generating 1 billion JAM tokens and distributing JAM tokens to presale and ICO participants. The JAM token will subsequently be listed on various decentralized and centralized exchanges with multiple exchange pairs and market makers for maximum liquidity and access. Hearo.fm will also issue an airdrop to all hearo.fm users and hashgraph wallet addresses. Development will ramp up significantly to fully tokenize the marketplace and implement key application features.
  • 2020

    The highly anticipated groundbreaking TUNE.fm platform will launch with web, desktop, mobile, wearable, and smart TV client apps delivering a best in class music streaming discovery experience while fairly compensating artists with global direct instant micropayments. Various gamified opportunities to earn JAM tokens on the platform will be announced. New features such as music vizualizers, radio, broadcasting, shows, gig booking, touring tools, ticketing, analytics reporting, sync licensing, and fiat onramps/offramps will be implemented and launched.
  • 2021

    TUNE.fm will sign licensing deals with the top 3 major labels Universal Music Group, Warner, and Sony to ingest their full catalog through Medianet to complement millions of independent artists from around the world already on TUNE.fm. The company will also work with The Orchard to gain access to tens of thousands of independent labels and rights holders so no note is left unheard in gathering all the world's music.
  • 2022

    As TUNE.fm scales across the globe to millions of artists and fans around the world, the music economy will grow exponentially as the music industry disintermediates and artists everywhere can finally earn a decent living from their music. TUNE.fm will host major music festivals around the world showcasing the best new artists and continue to create new products and services for artists to get discovered and fans to fall in love with new music.


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