Anarchapulco 2020

Acapulco , Mexico

Di Anarchapulco 2020

Over the last 5 years Anarchapulco has grown from 50 attendees to expecting over 2500 this year. The growth has inspired us to buyout the whole hotel for the 2nd year in a row! The passion and love that continues to guide Anarchapulco has been incredible. The energy required for the co-creation of the event has been a massive endeavor with hundreds of meetings, thousands of hours of labor, attention, sweat, and incredible dedication by our team.
We are pushing boundaries that have never been pushed before to support attendees from breaking free to ∃volving. We are helping shift the world towards more and more freedom and enabling our community to become active voices and advocates in this movement. This is a huge responsibility and an enormous undertaking that we would appreciate everyone in our community understanding.


Ron Paul
Former Congressman, Author of 'End the Fed'
John McAfee
Founder McAfee Software
Sherry Peel Jackson
Author, Former IRS Agent turned Whistleblower
Doug Casey
Founder Casey Research
Freeway Rick Ross
Author, Businessman with First Hand Experience with the "War on Drugs"
Del Bigtree
Investigative Medical Journalist
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Jeff Berwick
Founder Anarchapulco
Larken Rose
One Wrong Answer
James Corbett
Editorial Director AIER
Benny Wills
MC Anarchapulco
Luke Rudkowski
Journalist, Founder WeAreChange
Dale Brown
Founder and CEO Detroit Threat Management Center
James True
Michael Bowman
Hemp Activist, Businessman
Lily Forester
On the Run Activist and Entreprenuer
Pyasa Neko Siff
Somatic Sexologist
Nova Om
Fought the State and WON, Self-empowerment Coach
Patrick Smith
Tech Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Activist, Media Producer, Bullshit Detector
Christof Melchizedek
Navigator - Architect - Guardian
Amanda Rachwitz
Activist, Voice Artist, Public Speaker
Angel Clark
Host The Angel Clark Show
Carey Wedler
Activist, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief of the Anti-Media
Josh Sigurdson
Journalist, Founder World Alternative Media
Dan Dicks
Founder Press For Truth
Catherine Bleish
Digital Nomad
David Rodriguez
Transformational Principal


Bitcoin Market Journal
CryptoCurrencyWire (CCW)
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10 feb 2020, 09:00 , ACST (UTC +9:30)
20 feb 2020, 18:00 , ACST (UTC +9:30)
Hotel Princess Mundo
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