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La corrente sta creando un token e un protocollo digitale che è un metodo di scambio di tempo, attenzione e dati nel panorama digitale. Comincia con i media, creando un'esperienza personalizzata all-in-one che premia gli utenti per lo streaming dalle reti che amano, come Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud e altro.
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14 mar 2018
4 apr 2018
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7 feb 2018
21 feb 2018
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Di Current

Informazioni sulla corrente

Current ha creato un token digitale (CNRC) che ricompensa in modo univoco il tempo, i soldi spesi e i dati condivisi durante l'esperienza di streaming multimediale. Questo token può essere utilizzato su un'ampia gamma di prodotti, servizi e pubblicità in-platform.

Consolidando le reti di media popolari in un'unica posizione, Current offre già più di 160.000 utenti con un'esperienza di ricerca e scoperta più conveniente. Con il lancio di CRNC, gli utenti saranno premiati per lo streaming di contenuti dalle loro reti preferite come: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud e altro.1 La piattaforma combina punti di dati comportamentali che circondano i tipi, i tempi e gli argomenti giocati da ciascuna persona su più reti per offrire migliori raccomandazioni rispetto a qualsiasi singola rete.

La tecnologia blockchain consente un nuovo sistema di contabilità trasparente necessario per la valutazione istantanea di tempo, dati e attenzione. Il protocollo attuale allinea gli interessi di tutte le parti interessate nel ciclo di consumo dei media per creare effetti di rete che guidano l'adozione. Creando un nuovo standard di scambio, i consumatori ottengono più possibilità di scelta per il modo in cui pagano i media, sia i creatori che i curatori ottengono una nuova forma di compensazione e gli inserzionisti ottengono informazioni contabili e del pubblico più trasparenti.

Il protocollo interagisce all'interno della piattaforma corrente in aggiunta a qualsiasi altra rete multimediale host. Questo introduce un nuovo flusso di entrate e un meccanismo di incentivi per la rete ospitante, dandogli la possibilità di scalare in modo efficace. Nel tempo, i creatori sfrutteranno i profili di identità creati per i futuri sistemi basati su blockchain.


La corrente è & nbsp; inizia con i media, creando un'esperienza personalizzata all-in-one che premia gli utenti per lo streaming dalle reti & nbsp; come Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud e altro.

% name% Roadmap

  • Q2 2017

  • Launch Current Platform
    7 integrations including Spotify, YouTube,
    Facebook and more released on iOS
  • Q1 2018

  • Wallet & Protocol Development
    Current in-app wallet will be released and
    testing & development will begin on protocol
  • Q2 2018

  • Additional Video & Audio Integrations
    Increasing diversity of networks and media types offered.
  • Q3 2018

  • Launch Attribution Protocol
    Initially within the Current platform, then begin external implementation
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  • Q1 2019

  • Decentralized Storage and Identity Profiles
    Implement a decentralized storage protocol and begin development on Identity Profiles


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  • SF etereo
  • 511 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94105...

Current Squadra

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Dan Novaes
Co-Founder, CEO
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Nick McEvily
Co-Founder, CPO
non verificato
Kiran Panesar
Co-Founder, CTO
non verificato
Josh Moyer
Business & Marketing Manager
non verificato
Joseph Wagner
Lead Backend Engineer
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$69 732 274

Steven Lee
Lead iOS Engineer
non verificato
Seamus Doheny
Curation Director Partner, Manifest Chicago
non verificato
Brian Ng
Economist & Mathematician
non verificato
William Ryan
Behavioral Economist, Stanford PhD
non verificato
Steven Myers
Director of Security Programs, Associate Professor...
non verificato
Amy Karr
Co-founder, Arclydia Group Forbes 30 Under 30 2x
non verificato
Jill Richmond
SVP, SparkPR/ SparkChain
non verificato


$38 222 081

Shadi Paterson
Chief of Growth, The 8760
non verificato
Ed Zitron
CEO/Founder EZPR Top 50 People in Tech PR 3x
non verificato
Trey Ditto
Founder/ CEO, Ditto PR
non verificato


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Mark Cuban
Owner, Dallas Mavericks, Chairman Axs TV
non verificato


$36 000 000

Galia Benartzi
Co-founder, Bancor Foundation
non verificato


$138 650 320

Eyal Hertzog
Product Architect, Bancor Foundation
non verificato
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% name% Recensioni


Mainly, we believe that Current will create a blockchain streaming network that both users and streaming platforms can benefit from. Conclusively, not only does it integrate with popular streaming platforms seamlessly, but it has the potential to revolutionize the streaming industry as it continues to grow.

Encourages Education: The Altair VR platform will be used to teach children a multiple ranges of subjects in a way that’s interesting and exciting to them.
Token Reduction: The smart contract will remove 1% of its token supply each day until it reaches
Teacher Incentives: Teachers also gain benefits from using this platform. They can share their information and be rewarded in Altair tokens as a result.
Good Team & Experience: Altair is a company that has been around for about 8 years. They have won multiple awards for their vision and continues to make more promising results as it grows.

Education Issues: Altair’s platform might be in direct competition with traditional educational systems.

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News, reviews

Overall, we are neutral about the ICO’s short-term potential but like its long-term potential. Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:

For ​short-term holding

Neutral. The hard cap of $36 million for 35% of total token is on the high side, especially in this market condition, especially considering the project is an application which generally have lower valuation than protocols or platforms.

As the app is already functioning well, we believe the project can be developed with a fraction of the hard cap.

Also, the hard cap is in dollar term, which means it is going to be an even higher amount in terms of ether with ether price dropping sharply in the last few weeks.

For long-term holding

Good. The idea is solid and the project is led by a strong team who knows how to draw users. We believe the use of token makes sense and can improve the business model of the app.

Therefore, we believe the project has a good chance to succeed.

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Overall the project looks serious, led by a strong team that knows how to make projects of that kind, the idea is simple and clear, which sometimes an extra advantage. What’s to be highlighted is a functioning application, which means that the project won’t sink even if the ICO goes below expectations. Therefore, their long-term perspective looks bright and stable. Among possible concerns we’d mention that being on the App Store for quite a long time, the app hasn’t got the expected level of hype, though the upcoming ICO may fix this. And one more challenge is attracting and keeping users on the platform by rewarding them with CRNC. If users won’t see any value in the tokens, they may switch to other apps.
We like this simple and attractive idea. You keep watching and listening absolutely the same services and channels, but at the same time earn tokens, discounts and other preferences just because you watch and listen the content on the Current platform.

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ICO review website

This has been one of the most heavily hyped projects in the past few months, but that is not necessarily a bad thing – it proves the team know how to market a product, and it is itself a sound foundation from which to drive user adoption in the future.

Current has already built an MVP, so this is more than just an idea and a white-paper. But, they still have a long way to go in terms of building the blockchain technology. To do that they will need to recruit a substantial and skilled development team. Having recently cancelled its main sale on the back of pre-sale oversubscription, they appear well-positioned to provide the necessary budget for assembling a first-rate development team.

Apart from the execution risk, this is a very strong concept with good potential. If the team can execute on its plan, the network can accrue significant value. Companies that win in the attention economy become very valuable, very quickly.

It is difficult to compare the market value of a media asset with the network value of a platform like Current. However, as the white-paper points out, the capital being raised in the ICO is low relative to the amount that has been invested in similar media platforms. That implies there could be a fair amount of upside if the platform is widely adopted.

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It’s important to remember that the goal of Current is not just launch an app, but to build and scale an ecosystem. When an investor purchases CRNC, they are placing a bet on the future of that ecosystem.

The Current ICO’s proposed model for democratizing the value of media consumption is appealing and innovative, but will only function if enough participants adopt the platform.

Our questions on Telegram were answered professionally and immediately, but the answers were directly copied and pasted from the whitepaper and left some doubt in our mind as to how many of their core platform content providers were actual partners, and how many were not. In fact, one answer strongly suggested that other networks such as the media giants mentioned previously (YouTube etc.) would *benefit* from Current’s business model, and would therefore hop on board as a matter of pure self-interest. We haven’t always seen this happen.

While we acknowledge that challenge, we also see a team leading the project who are fit for the task ahead. We’re going to place a small bet on the Current ICO.

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