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3 feb 2020

CannaCor: Where Cannabis Cultivation and Blockchain Technology Combine Seamlessly CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation are collaborating with a common vision to bring lasting change in the field of cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. Our goal is to transform the entire cannabis cultivation process to make it as transparent and secure as possible.
11 set 2019
31 gen 2020
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Cannacor (Pty) Ltd
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Nov 16, 2018
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Di CannaCor (Pty) Ltd

The vision of CannaCor is to become a frontrunner of medical cannabis cultivation in Lesotho. Our focus is to implement sustainable production facilities and expand our lead with an aquaponics production plant while integrating all our management systems with a selection of blockchain technologies to ensure transparency, immutability and real-life tracking.

CannaCor is a licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis by-products located in Lesotho, southern Africa. It is supported by a group of professional executives with extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of the medical cannabis industry. Their economic activities are based on the recently approved production and export of cannabis and cannabis by-products which can be used for medicinal needs.

 A proud pioneer, they aim to incorporate only the latest and best technologies and will become a medical cannabis producer to supply cannabis flower and extract products to tens of thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and researchers on a global scale.

  • CannaCor (Pty) Ltd is an incorporated company under the Companies Act of 2011 in the Kingdom of Lesotho with Registration Number 65263 and TIN number 200084029-4.
  • CannaCor is licensed as a prohibited drug operator. The license is granted under Section 12 of the Drug Abuse Act of 2008 with license number 02/D022/06-2019.
  • CannaCor has obtained 50 000m2 of land in Berea, Lesotho, of which 30 000m2 is permitted for greenhouse or indoor cultivation of Cannabis.



The cannabis industry requires a technology infrastructure to support and improve the multistage cultivation process of cannabis. Blockchain Corporation has identified three major areas which need to be addressed.

Process and cost analysis

A process will be implemented to track all nutrients and materials used for growing a cannabis crop to calculate the cost per gram by plant, batch and strain.

 - Genealogy tracking and optimization

This system will help CannaCor keep a record of a strong, diverse genetic portfolio, which will track the genealogy of each plant and create new hybrids based on cultivators’ preferences.

Product quality and consistency

Currently cultivators struggle to produce a harvest of consistent quantity and quality by following repeated processes. In order to improve this aspect of cultivation, our system will track a batch and capture all information pertaining to its genealogy, exact amount of water and nutrients used, the precise pH, temperature and humidity at each stage of the batch’s cultivation process.



Blockchain Corporation will create a network of processes that moves the product along from the suppliers of raw materials to the organizations which deal directly with users. The three major steps in the supply chain blockchain process are as follows:

Decentralized data record

Blockchain technology provides the utmost transparency in the decentralized recording of data. It ensures the supply chain record is secure, transparent, verifiable and immutable.


By integrating blockchain technology into packaging, the CannaCor team and its affiliates (retailers, shop owners, etc.) will be able to track the precise real-world movement of their cannabis inventory on an individual shipment basis. When a product is scanned, no data needs to be entered. It is all covered by the back-end software, eliminating the need for training staff to operate the system.

 - QR code scanning

The company will make use of tracking technology which can communicate with modern smartphones, making implementation of this system simple for producers, retailers and consumers alike.

% name% Roadmap

  • 4th Quarter 2018

  • • Research and brainstorm sessions initiated to establish most viable solution to cultivate medical cannabis
    • Current technologies researched to establish the CannaCor cryptocurrency
    • Various blockchain technologies researched to manage the medical cannabis cultivation life cycle and supply chain management systems
    • Strategic alliances formed with blockchain developers, cultivators and pioneers in the cannabis industry
    • Company incorporated in Lesotho, southern Africa, to operate the following business activities:
    - growing of drug and pharmaceutical crops
    - wholesale and/or retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods.
  • 1st Quarter 2019

  • • 50 000 m2 agricultural land acquired in Lesotho, southern Africa, for the cultivation of medical cannabis
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) curated and submitted
    • Licence application lodged with the Drug Control Authorities in Lesotho to obtain:
    - authorization for export and import of medical cannabis
    - authorization to produce medical cannabis products.
  • 2nd Quarter 2019

  • • Blockchain developer and ICO marketing team appointed
    • Greenpaper development
    • Design of cannabis cultivation plant.
  • 3rd Quarter 2019

  • • CannaCor medical cannabis cultivation licence approved
    • New website design / landing page
    • Wallets and user administration panel development
    • Greenpaper updated and new corporate identity incorporated
    • Pre-ICO round starts 11 September 2019 and ends 15 December 2019.
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  • 4th Quarter 2019

  • • ICO launch 16 December 2019 and ends 31 March 2019
    • Design of cultivation plant, testing laboratory and packaging plant to be finalised
    • Construction of cultivation facility will commence upon final approval of all plans
    • Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric application development, incorporating QR code labelling, product traceability, drug authentication, production life cycle management and supply chain applications
    • New wallets and website release.
  • 1st Quarter 2020

  • • CannaCor application BETA testing
    • First cannabis crops planted
    • Application integration of production cycles
  • 2nd Quarter 2020

  • • First harvest, application integration of supply chain and first coin buy-back.


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Deepanshu Bhatt
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My Role in the project is to make and implement strategies which help in the overall growth of the project.
What do you think about idea?
Our Idea is to solve the problems of the medical cannabis industry. We are solving a real-world problem by implementing sustainable production facilities and expand our lead with an aquaponics production plant while integrating all our management systems with a selection of blockchain technologies to ensure transparency, immutability and real-life tracking
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