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Binfinity is a customizable high performance digital asset marketplace that suits the needs of institutional and retail traders. At the core of the Binfinity platform is the ultra-low-latency matching engine which allows for all traditional trading orders including market, stops, limits, and take profit. The client focused exchange platform provides a wide range of analytical tools and deep liquidity on over 20+ altcoins. Our team consists of capital markets professionals committed to providing secure, transparent and efficient trading experience from day one.
8 lug 2019
7 ott 2019
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One account. One single platform for trading major cryptocurrencies and alt-coins wherever you are located. Binfinity provides clients with a familiar, customizable user interface and a choice of program trading interfaces. Our independent and rapid listing policy will expand your horizons, and will soon include new types of markets, such as real estate security tokens.


Binfinity has licensed the Raptor™ system from Fusion Systems, used by some of the world's most sophisticated capital markets professionals to support high-frequency trading and real-time risk management for over five years. Binfinity brings this cutting-edge technology to the digital asset marketplace. Hold on. It’s fast.


Finally, a digital asset marketplace that welcomes the current and future of regulatory oversight, and is willing to commit to transparent reporting, market rules and listings policies. At Binfinity, no-one is taken advantage of. KYC, KYT and AML policies are in place before launch to ensure our marketplace will always remain safe for all participants.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2018

  • Platform implementation
    Compliance landscape study
    Client services setup
    KYC / AML policy development
  • Nov 2018

  • Search for regulatory jurisdictions of exchange
  • Apr 2019

  • Induction into VQF (Swiss SRO approved by FINMA)
    Binfinity Securities Ltd (Australia) launches
    Registered with ASIC, AFSL license covering cash & securities dealing
  • May 2019

  • Marketplace launch
  • Leggi di più
  • July 2019

  • EPT offering
  • Aug 2019

  • Fiat and cryptocurrency trading


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Binfinity Squadra

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Michael Alfant
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
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Hitoshi Hasegawa
Chief Operating Officer
John Durkin
Chief Financial Officer
Huw Roger
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer​
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Vaughan Marks
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Bogdan Oprisan
Chief Risk Officer
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Rob Corrigan
Head of Operations
Atsushi Yamamoto
Chief Compliance Officer - Japan
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Yoichi Akase
Jesper Koll
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Nicholas E. Benes
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Douglas Hymas
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Binfinity Interviste

John Durkin
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I have a long experience as a finance professional, mostly in Asia. Highlights include CFO of Nikko Cordial Financial Group (Now Nikko Financial Group) and as a managing director at Citigroup. I bring deep financial management experience to the team.
What do you think about idea?
Binfinity has an deeply experienced management team with a long and successful track record in traditional high speed trading systems.A great management team is the key to success in almost any business venture and Binfinity has assembled an exceptional global team, including tech, management, and compliance.
Rob Corrigan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As Head of Services, it's my job to have all Client-facing operations running at maximum efficiency. At Binfinity we do not define standalone processes just to meet immediate needs of the Client. The service is supported by layers of integration and internally optimized flows that "result" in a better experience for the Client.
What do you think about idea?
Binfinity is a gen-II or v2.0 Crypto Asset Platform. We have a very different mindset to what has come before. We work alongside regulators and government. We are placing a bet that digital assets are actually the new frontier of finance and that by tying our success with regulation and safety, we’d be part of the new, leading avant-garde. And to be one of these leaders, we need to be way ahead on a few measures. Security, performance are two major ones. Trust is one more that is a little difficult to measure but demonstrating fairness through transparency is the approach we believe will work, and this is why the regulatory approach is important.
Yoichi Akase
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Advising on marketing and initial coin offering, Yoichi has spent over a decade working in the global retail banking industry and previously led DMM’s foreign exchange business as CEO of DMMFX, the world’s second largest retail forex broker by global volume.
What do you think about idea?
Binfinity market place is Much More than An Exchange
We take crypto market place to the next stage with our reputable technologies.

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