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With the overarching goal of establishing a monetary/fiscal policy that is orders of magnitude better than legacy financial systems: Prophecy aims to provide an economic ecosystem that doesn't suffer from global macro instability that fiat offerings or some other projects may suffer from.In a world of questionable anonymous Prophecy is building out a philanthropic arm of the project that will work to directly benefit various charities through donation systems and logistical support for crypto onboarding. Community is one of the central underpinnings of everything Prophecy does  —  from active consideration of future development projects, to our ethos in communal interactions in our Telegram and other social media sites. Everything that Prophecy breathes involves some deep level of community and public/ supporter interaction. Research and development has begun on establishing a philanthropic branch of the project — embedded within the project ecosystem — that will eventually result in charitable endeavours being undertaken and facilitated by Prophecy with the intent of raising funds for charities and causes proposed (and eventually voted upon) by our community. While we are still in the very early stages of this vision, we are keen on expanding to as many use-cases as possible, and providing a charitable output achieves just that. This additional focus provides more usages for the $PRY token, while benefiting our community (and the communities around our supporters) in a positive manner. We've been warmed by the response so far, including charity suggestions, and we are looking forwards to working with our community to collectively decide on the charities that will benefit from the collective efforts. In a world of questionable anonymous DeFi projects, Prophecy embodies the other side of that spectrum — we're trailblazing ethical anonymous DeFi, and we're excited to have the support of such a vocal, active community for endeavours such as this.


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