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Komputer super di telapak tangan Anda.
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Tentang Perlin

TENTANG PERLIN & nbsp; Perlin adalah pasar komputasi awan yang praktis, tanpa kepercayaan, dan terdesentralisasi yang memanfaatkan daya komputasi yang kurang dimanfaatkan dalam perangkat pintar sehari-hari untuk membuat superkomputer yang layak secara ekonomis dan dapat diakses secara global.


THE LEDGER   Wavelet: a metastable, Sybil-resistant ledger

As it stands, current blockchains and consensus protocols have several performance issues that prevent mass adoption. Ledgers need to be fast, secure and scalable to support the development of decentralized applications (DApps).

Wavelet is a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) that bootstraps a hardened version of the Avalanche consensus protocol with a novel implementation of proof-of-stake to produce a ledger that is metastable, Sybil-resistant, truly decentralized and fast.

  • - A bleeding-fast ledger ...benchmarking results to come!
  • - A leaderless consensus protocol that is robust, decentralized and resource efficient.
  • - Sybil-resistant via a novel implementation of proof-of-stake.
  • - A privacy-preserving layer even in the presence of Byzantine adversaries.
  • - Smart contract SDK to support the development of DApps that are secure, practical and scalable.
THE COMPUTE LAYER Decentralized cloud computing

Perlin’s compute layer is bootstrapped on top of it’s DAG-based ledger unlocking a plethora of underutilized compute resources from everyday devices, to form a decentralized cloud computing marketplace that combats the inflated pricing models set by the oligopolistic cloud computing market.

Miners with everyday devices such as a smartphone, can securely rent away their idle compute capacity in exchange for a virtual currency termed PERLs, to customers of the network (researchers, startups and enterprises) who are in need of computing power.

This is where Perlin’s cryptographic tying of compute resources into a virtual currency is transacted on an open, self-audited distributed ledger, establishing a novel liquid market for computing power.

This paradigm shift in cloud computing will set the precedence for truly decentralized economies - a world where smartphones can collectively process computationally intensive algorithms in areas such as cancer research and artificial intelligence alike.

% name% Roadmap

  • DECEMBER 2017 Ideation

  • Perlin is founded.
  • JUNE 2018 Avalanche Consensus

  • The Avalanche Consensus is implemented to improve DAG throughput times.
  • JULY 2018 Whitepaper Release

  • The preliminary version of the whitepaper is released to the public.
  • SEPTEMBER 2018 Wavelet

  • Improvements are made to the short comings of Avalanche to create a metastable, Sybil-resistant ledger called Wavelet.
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • OCTOBER 2018 Testnet Alpha

  • Alpha release of the testnet will consist of binaries and documentation.
  • NOVEMBER 2018 Stability and Speed Improvements

  • Testnet benchmarking results for stability and speed.
  • JANUARY 2019 Compute Platform

  • A testnet version of our compute layer with a realtime demo will be published.
  • MARCH 2019 Mobile Integration

  • A testnet version for mobile support on Android phones.
  • JUNE 2019 Mainnet Release

  • The mainnet release will accompany support for smart contracts, Kubernetes, GPU’s and the genesis block.


11 875
Pengguna Palsu Terdeteksi:
Pertumbuhan 30 Hari:

938 177
292 339

Perlin Tim

Diverifikasi 0%

Perhatian. Ada risiko bahwa anggota yang tidak diverifikasi sebenarnya bukan anggota tim


$15 000 000

Dorjee Sun
Co-founder & Project Manager
tidak diverifikasi
Kenta Iwasaki
Co-founder & CTO
tidak diverifikasi
Mirza Uddin
Co-founder & Head of Business Development
tidak diverifikasi
Trung Nguyen
Co-founder & Marketing Lead
tidak diverifikasi
Anup Malani
Research, Strategic & Commercial Partnerships Glob...
tidak diverifikasi
Ajay Prakash
Co-founder & Head of Product
tidak diverifikasi


$26 000 000

Jack Li
Senior Developer
tidak diverifikasi
Joanne Huynh
Finance & Admin
tidak diverifikasi
Darren Toh
Compliance & Communications
tidak diverifikasi
Ali Kurtze
Business Development Manager
tidak diverifikasi


Diverifikasi 0%

Perhatian. Ada risiko bahwa anggota yang tidak diverifikasi sebenarnya bukan anggota tim


$26 400 000

Vincent Zhou
Founding Partner of FBG Capital
tidak diverifikasi
Taiyang Zhang
CEO of Republic Protocol
tidak diverifikasi


$26 400 000

Howard Wu
Co-founder of Dekrypt Capital
tidak diverifikasi
Michael Arrington
Co-founder of CrunchFund & Founder of TechCrunch
tidak diverifikasi
Rob Eldridge
Managing Partner at Tapas Capital & Ex-CFO of Asia...
tidak diverifikasi
Jack Yi
Founder of LD Capital
tidak diverifikasi
Stephen Banfield
Partner at Withers Singapore
tidak diverifikasi
Taylor Sittler, PhD
Co-founder of Color Genomics & Venture Partner at...
tidak diverifikasi


$70 795 100

Addison Huegel
Managing Partner & Director at BlockPR & Elevator...
tidak diverifikasi
Michael Migliero
Partner at Mek Group
tidak diverifikasi
$ 0.0184
Coin Stats
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Weekly, %:
Monthly, %:
Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 6.474 M
Volume 24h:
$ 946.198 K
Circ. Supply:
352.597 M PERL
ICO profit
X 0.2040
ICO Price~$0.0900

% name% Ulasan

ICO Pantera

1. Distributed computing platform based on Dag and using a consensus approach called Avalanche consensus. This new consensus approach is based on high scalability and transaction. Initial test results showed 1600+ tps on 2000 nodes.
2. The Perlin network accesses underutilized computing power such as mobile phones to quantify the available resources of each participant.
3. The low cost of the Perlin Network allows computing power to be used by startups, researchers, and other small businesses.
A complementary point
1. No specific schedule or token has been published yet.
2. Dag, distributed computing projects have many similar projects. And there is a need to have many miners.
3. Additional information about team members and investors is not disclosed.

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Crypto Briefing

On a fundamental level, the Perlin ICO is solid across the board. WIth both a cutting-edge DAG protocol and innovative decentralized computing platform all in one package, there is more than one path to success for the Perlin ICO. The outstanding team and product together comprise a project that could very well set a new precedent for adoption and scale in the cryptospace.

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ICO Drops
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Ian Balina

Passing on Perlin, Origo, and Machine Exchange Coin for not having all-star teams (2+ all-stars) in my opinion.

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Overall, for the reasons listed, Picolo affirms its rating on Perlin Network:
• An innovative idea that bootstraps several mechanisms on top of the Avalanche protocol that is unique from its competitors
• An all-star team with a substantial reputation in developing successful blockchain projects
• Backed by a panel of strategic investors with an established track record
• The project satisfies both prongs of a need and an opportunity in a growing market segment

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