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Harnessing the power of DAO to create virtual Memory Palaces that serve as mind storage space for millions of users.
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Tentang Memoverse

Harnessing the power of DAO to create a metaverse with arguably the most significant real-world use case in NFT gaming up to date. 
Assemble NFT-based Memory Palaces, creating truly secure storage space for important information. Enabling people to easily memorize any type of information, starting with the private keys for numerous crypto wallets.
Memoverse is a WEB 3.0 of human memory to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for virtual Memory Palaces that serve as mind storage space for millions of users.


Gaming NFTs

Each NFT represents a specific 3D asset inside of Memoverse for in-game use.

Native marketplace

Trade NFTs or sell assets of your own design on our native marketplace.

Earn by playing & staking

Earn $MEMO tokens by creating or owning your decentralized Memory Palaces.

Unique game mechanics

Assembly of standalone Land, Palace, Room, and Loci NFTs of various sizes and rarities into one NFT using the EIP-998 standard.

% name% Roadmap

  • Nov-Dec 2021

  • Incubation
    Continue product development, finalize seed & private rounds, finalize strategic partnerships, sign large influencers and influencer networks, team & community expansion.
  • Dec 2021

  • Token listing
    IDO, listing of $MEMO token on PancakeSwap and on a major centralized exchange. Launching yield farm to provide additional liquidity and reward early token holders.
  • Jan 2022

  • Founder’s NFT collection
    Release of genesis NFT collection on major marketplaces. Pre-mint whitelist guarantee for staking $MEMO.
  • Jan 2022

  • PR and Marketing (Light-mode 1/1)
    Start of marketing campaign.
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  • Feb-Mar 2022

  • Alpha of Memoverse P2E platform
    Internal testing of Memoverse marketplace and game platform with security audit.
  • Mar 2022

  • Community rewards
    Lootboxes of limited NFTs and $MEMO token airdrops to dedicated holders and active community members.
  • Apr-May 2022

  • Beta of Memoverse P2E platform
    Beta access to Memoverse marketplace and game platform with additional security audit.
  • May 2022

  • PR and Marketing (Medium-mode 1/3)
    Coverage by a large network of channels and influencers on Telegram and Twitter.
  • Jun-Jul 2022

  • Main launch of Memoverse P2E platform
    Active growth & continuous improvement


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