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We aim at creating a New Global Paradigm in Blockchain based Everyday Economy! HUPAYX is a human-centric payment solution that combines both the benefits of credit cards and cash, and eliminates the disadvantages of traditional payment infrastructure using blockchain and crypto based payment ecosystem. Unlike traditional wallets, HUPAYX consists of HUPAY multi-cryptocurrency wallet and H-POS point-of-sale mobile apps covering both ends of purchasing road.
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1 Jun 2019
31 Jul 2019
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South Korea
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HUPAY is a multi-cryptocurrency enabled wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.
HUPAY is an easy and safe crypto wallet – an ideal for both crypto beginners and experts. 

The Wallet supports major cryptocurrency transactions with fast and fee free transfers between HUPAY Wallet members.
HUPAY can check various cryptocurrency transfers and market prices, as well as enables wallet users to pay for various products at HUPAYX merchant network and partner companies.
We will provide additional support for various cryptocurrency transactions in the future with coin purchase and exchange services as well.
From beginners to experienced crypto users, HUPAY is an ideal choice for everyday use, by everyday people. 

[Simply login with mobile phone number and email account!]
- You do not need to directly store difficult and complex private keys.
- Activate crypto wallet services with your daily mobile phone number and email account.

[Fast & Easy transfer of crypto assets via phone number!] 
- Even if a receiver is not a HUPAY member, you can easily transfer assets to the receiver’s phone number.
- The receiver gets a text message with funds and HUPAY Wallet download link. Funds can be collected after registration. 

[Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet]
- HUPAYX provides reliable service through direct operation and management of its nodes.
- Starting with top performing coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH); ERC-based coins, EOS and ICX will be continuously added.

[Easily pay at merchant stores with crypto!]
- HUPAY supports crypto payments in everyday commerce through its merchant network and HPOS (point-of-sale) app. 
- Members can conveniently pay with cryptocurrencies by scanning the QR payment code with H-POS at the store or tagging NFC supported mobile phones.

[Fast asset relocation by linking with Exchanges (Under Development)]

[Key Function]

✔ FEE FREE HUPAY member-to-member transfers
✔ FEE FREE Money transfer via mobile phone number
✔ FEE FREE to receive remittance via HUPAY wallet
✔ Fast transfer of assets between members 
✔ Crypto payment support in stores with QR or NFC 
✔ Safe multi-crypto wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum and more
✔ Single view transaction details for each coin spent
✔ Status check of the total assets in possession


H-POS: The Most Convenient Sales and Cryptocurrency Payment POS System
H-POS is a mobile point-of-sales app for small & medium size businesses that operate retail stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, street pochas, food trucks, etc.
Use H-POS mobile pos system to increase revenue through sales management, real-time inventory tracking, staff management, and customer retention.

[Order and Sales]
H-POS app makes it easy to place & manage orders and sales. 
All orders, sales, inventory information, and customer data are automatically synchronized among all devices managed by a single merchant using cloud technology. 
Save an order or efficiently sell multiple orders all available at your fingertips. 

[Sales Info] 
Manage data by sale quantity, date and time
All sales information can be retrieved in seconds. 
Easy and convenient to analyze ordered and sold products on your smartphone, as well as check or cancel sold orders.

[Payment Methods]
You can pay by either credit card, cash or cryptocurrencies.
You can split the payment by paying half-&-half in various currencies through a split payment option.

[Inventory Management] 
You can register a product to be sold by easily adding product image, price information, and quantity
Try organizing your products by category or checking the inventory information in real time.
If you are running out of items, a reminder will immediately appear on the screen.
Set the minimum quantity allowed in inventory to automatically be notified when minimum quantity is reached. 

[Staff Management]
The main administrator can create general manager and staff accounts.
Depending on access level of the general manager and staff accounts, you can grant or disable permissions in the function menu.

Info Teknis

HUP Token - ERC20

HUPAYX is based on BFT +DPOS governance (Consensus Algorithms) 

% name% Roadmap

  • 2019.Q2

  • 1. Participating at International conferences
    2. Hosting local meetups
  • 2019. Q3

  • 1. Payment Platform
    2. Beta Version Release (Android)
  • 2019. Q4

  • 1. Test Net Launch
    2. Beta Version Release (iOS)
    3. Merchant Network Pilot Project Launch
  • 2020. Q1

  • 1. Main Net
    2. Payment Platform Official Version Release


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Aibek Amandanov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
First of all its not an ICO project, I'm in charge of Global Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Investment Relations, and Promotional Activities (IR/PR)
What do you think about idea?
Must need project for effective cryptocyrrency adoption for everyday use, by everyday people. With contract signed with over 300K stores in South Korea alone, HUPAYX aims to revolutionize traditional payment infrastructure with all-in-one blockchain based payment platform.

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