MIT Bitcoin Expo 2019

Cambridge , United States

Tentang MIT Bitcoin Expo 2019

The MIT Bitcoin Club is excited to announce the 6th Annual Expo to be held on March 9th and 10th, 2019 at MIT.

At the 2019 Bitcoin Expo, we will consider the challenges that face us today and how we can augment the development of this still-maturing ecosystem. We invite you to join us to have a conversation with stakeholders and developers with boots on the ground. We will talk about scalability, user adoption, UX challenges, regulatory concerns, token economics, vulnerabilities, and some of the most promising solutions currently under development.

Registration gives you access to both days. We also will provide lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.


Arjun Balaji
Independent Investor & Cryptocurrency Researcher
Cathie Yun
Cryptographer Interstellar
Christian Decker
Software Engineer & Researcher Blockstream
David Molnar
Developer Wasabi Wallet
David Vorick
CEO Nebulous
Elaine Shi
Associate Professor Cornell Tech
Lihat Lebih Banyak (22)
Fabrice Drouin
Founder & CTO ACINQ
Georgios Konstantopoulos
Lead Researcher Loom Network
Giulia Fanti
Jack Mallers
Creater Zap Wallet
James Prestwich
Founder Summa
Jeremy Welch
Founder CASA
Josh Cincinnati
Executive Director ZCASH
Justin Moon
Katherine Wu
Director of Business Development Messari
Leigh Cuen
Author CoinDesk
Nadav Hollander
Founder Dharma Protocol
Neha Narula
Director DCI
Nic Carter
Founder Coin Metrics
Peter Van Valkenburgh
Director of Research Coin Center
Pierre Rochard
Founder Lightning Power Users
Rebekah Mercer
Cryptography, Researcher
Decentralized Applications Engineer goTenna
Rune Christensen
Co-Founder & CEO MakerDao
Ryan R. Fox
Development Coordinator BitShares
Sharon Goldberg
Co-Founder & CEO Arwen
Contributor Bisq
Tadge Dryja
Thought Leader DCI


Blockchain Education Network


9 Mar 2019 09.00 , AEST (UTC +10)
10 Mar 2019 17.00 , AEST (UTC +10)
$ 50–100
Cambridge, USA