Crest Token

Crest Token

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28 Mei 2018

Crest DigiAd Platform adalah platform pemasaran & periklanan digital online yang menghasilkan pengembalian harian dengan mengalokasikan token utilitas Crest untuk menjalankan beberapa kampanye iklan. Kami mengembangkan platform kampanye DigiAd yang tangguh dan ramah pengguna yang berjalan pada server iklan independen yang dilengkapi dengan algoritma belajar mandiri otomatis.
27 Nov 2018
31 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
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Tentang Crest Token

Crest adalah token & nbsp; Kampanye Iklan Cerdas & nbsp; Platform DigiAd Crest & nbsp; berjalan di Crest Token.

Crest DigiAd adalah platform pemasaran dan periklanan digital online untuk Pengiklan dan Penerbit, yang dirancang untuk menjalankan iklan crypto-to-crypto dan kampanye terkait non-crypto di blockchain.

Ekosistem Crest memungkinkan anggota Komunitas Crest untuk menghasilkan pendapatan dengan mengalokasikan token utilitas Crest untuk menjalankan beberapa kampanye pemasaran dan iklan yang pada gilirannya menghasilkan pendapatan bagi masyarakat.

Platform Crest DigiAd memungkinkan anggotanya & ndash; walaupun mereka mungkin bukan spesialis pemasaran & ndash; untuk menghasilkan pendapatan yang konsisten di industri ini. Menggabungkan kekuatan teknologi AI dan blockchain ke industri pemasaran online senilai $ 330 miliar, platform Crest DigiAd membawa iklan berbasis blockchain ke masa depan. Antarmuka yang kuat dan ramah pengguna dirancang untuk melayani semua pengguna & ndash; dari pemasar ahli ke anggota dengan nol pengalaman pemasaran & ndash; sekaligus menguntungkan untuk semua.


  • Platform membuka peluang pendapatan baru untuk Pengiklan dan Penerbit / Afiliasi baik di pasar crypto dan non-crypto.
  • Mengaktifkan Pengiklan dan Penerbit / Afiliasi non-crypto untuk memasuki pasar crypto / blockchain yang besar dan terus berkembang.
  • Platform memungkinkan penggunanya untuk menghasilkan pendapatan dalam crypto.
  • Di tengah larangan iklan yang diberlakukan oleh platform utama seperti Facebook, Google dan LinkedIn, proyek crypto (mis. ICO, pertukaran, platform perdagangan, dompet, proyek blockchain) dapat mempromosikan ke audiens global yang lebih luas melalui jaringan crypto dan non -crypto Penerbit / Afiliasi terfokus.
  • Mengizinkan penerbit / Afiliasi yang berfokus pada crypto untuk menghasilkan pendapatan di luar ruang crypto, pada saat penawaran terkait crypto sangat rendah.

% name% Roadmap

  • May 2018

  • Pre-ICO


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Crest Token Tim

Diverifikasi 38%

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Alexander Harling
Business Development Manager
tidak diverifikasi
Dennevhyn Capina
Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer
tidak diverifikasi
Ben Sanders
Aleksandar Djordjevi...
Senior Software Developer
tidak diverifikasi
Nihal Patel
Blockchain Developer
tidak diverifikasi
Angela Brasington
Senior Marketing Strategist
Dean Matthew Lapinid
Lead Community Manager
Chad Copeland
Creative Designer
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Mantan anggota

Erin Cotter
Online Marketing Head
Annah Todd
Digital Marketing Consultant

Crest Token Wawancara

Ben Sanders
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
As the Project Lead, I am responsible for the overall management of the Crest Token ICO.

Crest DigiAd Platform is a revolutionary and timely project within the crypto ecosystem. This project will surely revolutionize the way advertiser and publishers in the blockchain community work together amidst of the recent bans by major mainstream advertising platforms.

Crest combines the power of online marketing/digital advertising with the Blockchain.
Erin Cotter
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Leading the team on the Online and Digital ad aspect of the business. As a marketing expert my role will include reviewing and picking the best ad offers to run on our campaigns
Angela Brasington
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I handle the Marketing Strategy Operations for Crest Token. This includes branding, social media management and optimization, content creation and video production, sponsored advertising, blog writing and distribution, press release drafting and distribution, influencer marketing, and capture analytics of the strategy for refined iterations and tangible evidence of growth.
I think the idea of Crest is a necessity, as existing advertising platforms continue to ban content and user info is no longer secure. Crest provides a solution for data protection & transparent advertising, with a true ecosystem backing it.
Dean Matthew Lapinid
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am the Lead Community Manager of Crest Token

Crest Token Berita terakhir

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ICO Profil Penglihatan Aktivitas Potensi Produk Tim

% name% Ulasan

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

Crest DigiAd is an online marketing and digital advertising platform, designed to run both non-crypto related campaigns and crypto-to-crypto ads on the blockchain. Being a blockchain-based application, it offers fast transactions, transparency, traceability, and smart contract technology of an ERC-20 token.


  • The Crest DigiAd Platform is designed to serve three user segments: Advertisers, Publishers, and anyone who signs up as a Crest Community Member. Advertisers and Publishers can earn revenue in crypto, tap into the crypto market, promote crypto products amidst the various advertising bans, and earn revenue outside of the crypto space. Community Members, although they may not be marketing specialists, can earn passive income from campaigns, which are run by the platform's internal team of marketing experts, with a return of 1.15% to 2.25% paid daily.
  • Members can earn consistent, passive income simply by funding the most profitable campaigns running on the DigiAd Platform. These campaigns will be selected and managed by Crest's internal marketing experts, the Ad Campaign Team. The total revenue from these campaigns will be collected into a single pot and dispersed among the members, according to their level of investment.
  • Members can also earn interest from holding tokens without selling them or using them in transactions for a period of time. They will get passive monthly dividends in the form of CSTT tokens.
  • The Crest DigiAd Platform offers a generous and fair referral system to generate additional income for its members. Members can earn 10% of the campaign funds that anyone they refer spends during and after the ICO.
  • Crest's Internal Exchange will communicate with the ad server, as well as with other external exchanges and trading platforms, via a customized Application Programming Interface (API). This will deliver real-time market data for transactions. In time, Crest's Internal Exchange will be expanded into a full trading platform, where numerous cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold.
  • The Crest Affiliate Marketing Educational System (CAMES) will help platform users develop or sharpen their marketing skills. CAMES will offer free resources and lessons, as well as advanced tools and in-depth tutorials, which will be accessed through payments in CSTT tokens.
  • The Crest ecosystem is focused on creating and fostering values that benefit its community, where members are considered partners and stakeholders. Like on the Bitcoin Foundation and the Ethereum Foundation, members will be able to share information, discuss issues, and voice their opinions on the Community Forum.
  • A percentage of the net profits generated by the Crest DigiAd Platform will be allocated to the Crest Cares Foundation on a quarterly basis. The mission of the foundation will be to contribute to the growth of the global blockchain/cryptocurrency technology and community.
  • The Crest (CSTT) Utility Token is the only payment unit accepted in the ecosystem. Arguably, the Crest token is less prone to market volatility than most cryptocurrencies as it is ed to the lucrative and evergrowing online marketing industry through an actual business application, which is utilized by a substantial global community.
  • The team behind Crest has decades of combined experience in online marketing. Their ventures attract approximately 20m unique visitors each month, generating a monthly average of $780k. The Crest DigiAd Platform is based on their expertise.
  • The white paper of the project is highly informative and presents all the necessary data in a clear and logical way.


  • No fiat money, but cryptocurrency only (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero) will be accepted before, during, and after the ICO as a mean of purchasing CSTT tokens.
  • Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency legislation, participation in any ICO may be accompanied by a number of risks.
  • Contributions in exchange for CSTT tokens are final and non-refundable. It is the sole responsibility of participants to analyze the company and its proposal before acquiring CSTT tokens.
  • Contributions in exchange for CSTT tokens are final and non-refundable. It is the sole responsibility of participants to analyze the company and its proposal before acquiring CSTT tokens.


  • Make it possible to pay with fiat money, as well as with cryptocurrency.
  • Implement a compensation of members' contributions.
  • Engage a qualified staff to translate the document into other languages.


The Crest ecosystem enables its users to earn income from ad campaigns, staking, and referrals, to learn online marketing, to profit from trading cryptocurrencies, and to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. Crest's business model gives stability and longevity to the ecosystem and token through multiple income streams and a global community whose pooled resources position this unique platform to become a true influencer in the online marketing industry, taking it into the future. All this makes me believe in the success of this project and motivates to invest in it.


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Dec 3 2018
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