Artyfact Metaverse

Artyfact Metaverse

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With Artyfact, you can explore metaworld, play PAE games, exhibit and trade NFTs, make events, and much more!
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22 Sep 2023
22 Okt 2023
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Topi 660 000.00 USD
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10 Jul 2023
10 Agu 2023
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$784 000
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Topi 392 000.00 USD
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9 Mei 2023
9 Jun 2023
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$650 000
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Topi 500 000.00 USD
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Distribusi Token
Treasury (5%)
Liquidity & Listings (20%)
Team (5%)
Advisors (0,5%)
ICO/IDO (33,6%)
Marketing (1%)
Foundation (1,5%)
Staking & Farming (33,4%)
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Detail Perusahaan
Nama Perusahaan Terdaftar
Artyfact Ltd.
Negara Terdaftar
Marshall Islands
Perusahaan Didirikan
Sep 30, 2021
Struktur Bonus
Bonus 1%: 250 - 4999 USD
Bonus 3%: 5000 - 9999 USD
Bonus 5%: From 10000 USD
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MVP / Prototipe
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BNB Smart Chain

Tentang Artyfact Metaverse

Artyfact is the first Gaming Metaverse that combines the best of the AAA and GameFi worlds using an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) model that puts gaming experience ahead of earnings. An exquisite Fortnite/GTA Online-like experience with a Cyberpunk world and Metaverse in-game features.

Artyfact citizens are able to play various AAA quality PAE games and earn $ARTY, buy and trade NFTs such as avatars, weapon skins, virtual estate, clothes, as well as attend virtual concerts, NFT exhibitions, runway shows and other events.


Gameplay Features

• 10,000+ unique NFT avatars
• 10,000+ unique NFT weapon skins
• 1,000+ unique player apartments & houses
• 50+ unique abilities
• 25+ maps
• Original soundtrack and thousands of sound effects

Built-in Metaverse Features

• Virtual NFT exhibitions
• Virtual concerts
• Fashion runway shows
• Other events

Artyfact Game Modes

• Deathmatch
• Team deathmatch
• Control points
• Battle royale

$ARTY utility

• In-Game Rewards
• NFT Marketplace
• Staking
• DAO Governance

% name% Roadmap

  • STAGE 1

  • Second demo
    BUSD Airdrop
    Blockchain integration
    Second security audit
    Gaming economy
  • STAGE 2

  • New launchpad
    Rating system
    NFT exhibition
    Artyfact event
    New maps
  • STAGE 3

  • AMA sessions
    New partnerships
    Team expansion
    Anti-cheat system
    Web platform
    100,000 players
  • STAGE 4

  • Gameplay updates
    Players Airdrop
    Team expansion
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • STAGE 5

  • NFT marketplace
    Artyfact INO
    Artyfact Beta
    Epic Store
    eSport tournaments
    250,000 players
  • 2024

  • Artyfact Alpha
    500,000 players

Artyfact Metaverse Tim

Diverifikasi 33%

Perhatian. Ada risiko bahwa anggota yang tidak diverifikasi sebenarnya bukan anggota tim

Oleg Boytsov


$1 434 000

Dalton Grant Jnr
Operations Manager
tidak diverifikasi
Cameron Pino
tidak diverifikasi

Artyfact Metaverse Wawancara

Oleg Boytsov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As a founder of the Artyfact NFT Metaverse I lead day to day operations and oversee development of our platform. It is my personal mission to ensure that Artyfact becomes the one of the greatest metaverses of our lifetime.
What do you think about idea?
Artyfact is the future of metaverses and NFT. Have you ever dreamed of creating your ideal world with absolute freedom? This is exactly what our platform will allow you to do. Our main goal is to create the metaverse of a new generation which will give users a whole new level of immersion in the virtual world and new possibilities. I hope that crypto community will support our project and together we will reach our goals.

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