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AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient, and secure. AMEPAY eliminates the complexity, high-costs, and delays that are familiar to the present system and replaces it with a simple, affordable, and quick network. Powering AMEPAY is a transparent and decentralized blockchain infrastructure that also doubles up as a reliable database to store and share transaction records. Blockchain allows AMEPAY to pass on the following benefits to our stakeholders: Lowcosts and greater revenue share for merchants Simple, elegant and anonymous payments for users Scalable, interoperable and future-ready technology for all
Till 15th October 2020
15 Agu 2020
14 Okt 2020
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$150 000
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After successful verification of KYC, immediately after purchase
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AME Technologies LLC
Negara Terdaftar
United States, India, Malaysia
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Mar 4, 2020
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100% bonus in Pre-IEO phase
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Tentang AMEPAY

AMEPAY is a new vertical under AMEPOS, a leading provider of Point-of Sale (PoS) software and hardware. Armed with 8 years of experience in the sector, we are habituated with the challenges faced by the different stakeholders and have developed a comprehensive solution to tackle them. Through AMEPAY, we aspire to offer practical and holistic improvements to the payments experience, by increasing efficiency, alleviating risk, and inducing loyalty. AMEPAY will harness blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide a multifaceted solution that is in equal parts streamlined, innovative, and rewarding. We currently boast of an existing network of more than 1500 small and medium-sized merchants spread across eight countries. Once our technology is deployed, we will target the South Asia region and expect to fortify more than 1 million merchants within the first year of operations.


he AMEPAY platform is highly flexible and is built to maximize utility. Merchants and users can customize the platform to match their individual use cases. Broadly, AMEPAY offers the varying stakeholders the following use cases.


By paying a very low fee on every transaction, merchants will gain access to cutting-edge infrastructure that is guaranteed to take their business to the next level. They can commence accepting payments in crypto and explore an incipient market demographic.

Furthermore, AMEPAY provides supplementary equipment such as POS devices, including scanners, swiping machines, etc., at a nominally-priced subscription plan. Additionally, merchants can further use the AMEPAY dashboard to review transaction data and to analyze user behavior to help predict emerging market trends.


Customers will find that the utility of the AMEPAY platform is not limited to merchant interaction. They can also leverage the software and cryptocurrency to fulfill a variety of other transactions, including transferring funds to other users, cross-border payments, and much more.

AMEPAY also features a built-in loyalty program that rewards the user every time they employ the AME token. This way, the user can accumulate AME tokens over time, free of cost.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2019

  • Quarter 3

    Announcement of AMEPAY project
    Finalization of market research
    Development of the platform starts

    Quarter 4

    Development of the platform starts
  • 2020

  • Quarter 1

    Development of AMEPAY Whitepaper
    AMEPAY IEO details developed
    AME Tokens minted on Ethereum Blockchain

    Quarter 2

    AME Tokens minted on Ethereum Blockchain

    Quarter 3

    AMEPAY platform enters beta testing phase
    Launch of Cloud Interface for AMEPAY
    On-boarding AMEPOS Merchants on to AMEPAY platform
    Establishing Partnerships with leading business houses
    Expanding AMEPAY in Asian markets

    Quarter 4
    On-boarding AMEPOS Merchants on to AMEPAY platform
  • 2021

  • Quarter 1

    Audits of Blockchain & Payment network scheduled
    Draft strategy to venture into European & African markets
    Building AMEPAY's own Blockchain
    AMEPAY platform enters beta testing phase
    Multi-cryptocurrency support in AMEPAY wallet

    Quarter 2
    Building AMEPAY's own Blockchain
    AMEPAY platform enters beta testing phase
    Multi-cryptocurrency support in AMEPAY wallet

    Quarter 3

    Exchange services in AMEPAY platform & wallet
    Launch of AMEPAY E-commerce platform


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