WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018

Vienna , Austria

के बारे में WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018

Behind every amazing tech innovation today are developers – these unique creatures that are able to turn coffee into software, using code as their primary instrument. Since 2015, once a year, on a (hopefully) sunny day, the global community meets at WeAreDevelopers, an event dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers“.
WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 will bring together 8,000 techies from 70 countries for 72-hours of pure dev-fun, with more than 150 of the brightest minds in tech and the largest playground for developers in Europe.

♦ Steve Wozniak, Co-founder Apple 
♦ Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Open Blockchain Expert 
♦ Angie Jones, Senior Automation Engineer at Twitter
♦ Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow
♦ Brenda Romero, Game Designer
♦ John Romero, Co-founder id Software
♦ Maria Naggaga, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
♦ Zeev Suraski, Co-founder & CTO Zend Technologies
♦ Stefan Thomas, CTO Ripple 
♦ Eileen Uchitelle, Senior Systems Engineer GitHub 
♦ Renaud Visage, Co-founder Eventbrite 
♦ Ada Rose Edwards, Senior Developer at Samsung 

...and many more.


16 मई 2018, 8:00 am , CET (UTC +1)
18 मई 2018, 9:00 pm , CET (UTC +1)
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