QuviQ is the leading supplier of services and tools in the area of property-based testing. QuviQ is a Swedish company delivering innovative testing solutions world-wide.

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If you experience quality problems, despite all your test effort and test automation, then the next step is automatic test case generation. Instead of having humans write test cases, we use algorithms to generate good test cases for you. This results in thousands of relevant test cases that hit corners in your software you didn’t even know exist.

QuviQ offers expert help in any software testing domain. Our employees are qualified experts with many years’ experience in software development and testing, in areas such as telecommunication, automotive, web services, IoT and more. We quickly master new domains and apply our knowledge in one domain to others. Our experts can help you improve test effectiveness and efficiency by an order of magnitude.

Quviq develops amazing testing tools and integrates those in a complete solution for customers, taking the drudgery out of testing in smart and innovative ways. At the core of most tools is Quviq QuickCheck, our tool for automatic test case generation.


John Hughes
Thomas Arts
Ulf Norell
QuickCheck Expert
Hans Svensson
QuickCheck Expert

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