LedgerLeap Inc.

LedgerLeap Inc.

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Ledger Leap builds custom technology designed for growth hacking in the blockchain space. Our solutions can grow telegram and online audiences to 20k+ organically within a week. Once established, the ongoing support includes activating the community to multiply the audience through engagement campaigns. Ledger Leap can assure a responsive online presence.

Engaging and rewarding real people online to show authentic audience growth fast.Continued growth through content, contests, and discussion.Communications designed to keep engagement high and aligned with sales phases.Cost effective staff designed to cover all time zones and respond in real time through all channels.Journaling and creating content to build more impact online.Real-time response and protections from social engineering contribution theft.

Ledger Leap specializes in making crypto easy so you can simply acquire your future user base. The technology may be complicated but we make the implementation easy. Our team is experienced in all aspects of distributed ledger token sales and user platforms. On our initial call, we can explain the exact elements you will need even if you are not yet familiar with the list below.



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