heymate is building its platform by leveraging blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts, and two crypto tokens, to fulfill critical deal-closing functions.

के बारे में Heymate

The heymate platform’s features include formalizing and simplifying the creation and negotiation of the terms and conditions of an offer, managing payments held in escrow and resolving disputes, and offering an ecosystem of B2B service partners who will provide value-added services (such as insurance, loans, savings plans, etc.)  to support micro-entrepreneurs.

The heymate platform integrates a 3rd Party API for the emerging blockchain-based business, supporting small businesses as they grow.

 Heymate aims at bringing gig-economy micro-entrepreneurs the flexibility they want while securing their revenue. The heymate platform helps to simplify and formalize deal terms and conditions, manage escrow payment and resolving disputes, all while offering an ecosystem of services such as getting short-term and on-demand insurance, micro-loans, etc. to support micro-entrepreneurs as they grow. The heymate mobile app is the first feature of the heymate platform, operated by Swiss Crypto Valley embedded Blockchain Application AG. With the heymate mobile-app, 100 million people will be able to do business for the first time, and everyone else will be able to close a deal 100 times faster.


को यह पसंद है:


Philipp Toth
Founder & CEO
Frank Hartmann
CTO & Founder
David Victor Bisang
Chairman of the Board & Founder
Alex Casassovici
Blockchain Architect
Stephanie Tramicheck
ICO and Strategic Marketing Expert
Prof. Sylvain Chassa...
Crypto Economics Strategist
Ralf Glabischnig
Co-founder & Partner - Lakeside Partners
Nick P
Team Lead and Smart Contract Engineer
Vladimir D
Back-end Specialist & DevOps Engineer
Stanislav D
Framework Expert
Alice K
Front-end Specialist
Dima I
Back-end Specialist
Artur L
UI/UX Designer

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