Our focus is on the ecosystem, the growth of the Ethereum network, and global integration of the benefits of blockchain and tokenization. ConsenSys is a venture production studio focused on building and scaling tools, disruptive startups, and enterprise software products powered by decentralized technology, specifically Ethereum. Our mission is to use these solutions to power the emerging economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet. Our projects address every part of the Ethereum ecosystem, including: crucial infrastructure projects, developer tools, core integration components, services, B2C dapps, enterprise solutions, and many more platforms and applications. We have a robust education arm training developers and educating the ecosystem, a Social Impact group accelerating humanitarian efforts, and a media platform publishing news and thought pieces about the ecosystem. ConsenSys was formed in 2015 and has since grown to over 1100 employees distributed globally in every continent except Antarctica. Structurally, we are as flat, decentralized, and fluid as we can be, allowing individuals and groups to self-organize and adapt as needed. Despite our rapid growth, we adhere to our flat structure as much as possible, believing that autonomy and agility are key to a project’s and employee’s success.


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Bashar Lazaar
Director of Operations
Ahmad Hammoudi
Engagement Manager
Rouven Heck
Project Lead for the Digital Identity Platform (uP...
Rika Sukenik
Product Manager
Vanessa Grellet
Executive Director
Jeremy Millar
Chief Of Staff
Andrés Junge
Senior Architect / dApp Developer / Blockchain Eva...
Eduardo Lemp Donoso
Gregory Rocco
Token Engineer
Evan Van Ness
Core Dev
Ajit Tripathi
Chris Verceles
Full Stack / Blockchain Developer
Kavita Gupta
Founding Managing Partner
Amanda Gutterman

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