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BitHFT is the first crypto trading platform with ultra low latency execution. Wall Street and a major investment bank have adopted ultra low latency technology several years ago and have supported algorithmic HFT (high frequency trading) function. It is proven to consistently profit by monitoring and managing appropriate risks. This technology does not exist in cryptographic transaction space at this time. This is mainly due to lack of demand from active traders.
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BitHFT is the first crypto-trading platform with ultra-low latency execution. Wall Street and large investment banks have adopted ultra-low latency technology years ago to support their algorithmic HFT (High Frequency Trading) functions. It has proven to be consistently profitable with the proper risk oversight and control. This technology is currently absent in the crypto-trading space primarily due to the lack of demand from active traders. As a result, crypto-currency exchanges have no reason to incorporate ultra-low latency technology into their trading platforms. Not to mention the technology requires major effort to implement, including fundamental development changes, server re-location, technology infrastructure changes, and many others that add to the overall implementation cost. Through a successful partnership with SolarFlare Communications and rigorous development standards and testing, we achieved the HFT latency standard. This standard is also followed by major investment banks on Wall Street. In this whitepaper, we will explain the importance of ultra-low latency execution and what we can achieve based on this technology.


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