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Angryb (ANB) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the native token used to incentivise and reward token holders for executing the actions of community-initiated tasks.
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Angryb is a deflationary cryptocurrency asset, with a first-of-its-kind, zero-risk, half-price reservation mechanism. The successful transaction funds are attributed to smart contract and will be open source for the community. The economic model will repurchase and destroy Angryb, which is of high contraction of inflation. The fair token attribute and asset protection mechanism will help Angryb community build a strong consensus and a large base of community members.

※ Angryb Protocol Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is based on a blockchain protocol governed by a set of rules – in the form of smart contracts – which automatically execute certain actions without the need for a central authority or intermediaries.


※ The Angryb proposal includes two types: AIP and ACCP.

※ AIP is a design document which records and provides information about system changes to the Angryb community.

※ ACCP is a document to make a case for modifying system configuration parameters. It aims to provide a clear and detailed history behind each configuration change and the reasons why the modification should be implemented.

In the decentralized world of Angryb, any ANB token holder can anonymously submit an Angryb task and reward participating community members for executing the actions associated with the task. The token holders can offer any amount of reward for the Angryb task published to incentivize community participation, in which 20% of the rewards will be burned.

Angryb aims to give a voice to every individual and is a great equaliser in the blockchain world. 

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  • 01.

  • On 28 March 2021, the community had reached a consensus on starting the journey of ANB’s project.
  • 02.

  • On 3 June 2021, the whitepaper was officially released, confirming that 40% of ANB’s total supply would be allocated to the UniSwap pool, 20% would be made available for the pre-buy, 15% to the liquidity program, 3% to anger mining and 2% to community incentives. The remaining 20% will be distributed to Vitalik on a daily basis over the course of 77777 years to avoid a massive token burn.
  • 03.

  • On 16 July 2021, ANB was launched on Uniswap.
  • 04.

  • On 1 August 2021, the zero-risk pre-buy mechanism will launch on The pre-buy mechanism will allow retail investors to reserve tokens until the initial price hits the user-defined target price. Once the target price has been hit, investors may choose to exercise the right to purchase, which will allow investors to earn stable profits, or choose to cancel the order and get the money refunded.
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  • 05.

  • In Q4 2021, ANB will cross-chain from ERC20 to BEP20 network.
  • 06.

  • In Q1 2022, ANB’s first NFTs and game will be released.
  • 07.

  • In Q1 2022, AngrySwap will be released.


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