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Zamzam is building an on-chain financial ecosystem powered by an agile interoperable blockchain, and enforced by smart contracts, escrow accounts and oracles. opens the opportunity to digitally replicate real assets and generate capital on the blockchain to accelerate the transition to the new decentralized economy
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Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
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New adopters, as well as experienced crypto users, get easy access to an expansive list of both CeFi and DeFi products that democratizes finance for millions of users worldwide:

  1. Stablecoin loans secured by stocks collateral

  2. CEX and DEX

  3. Tokenized stocks

  4. Non-custodial Wallet

  5. Asset management

  6. Fiat On/Off ramp

  7. Stablecoins

  8. Utility token

  9. Digital payment cards

  10. Analytics Dashboard

Our Vision  

Blockchain, being a revolutionary technology is destined to change tomorrow's finance. We envision a world of equal financial opportunities powered by blockchain for anyone and everyone around the world with access to a mobile device and Internet, where every financial transaction is as accessible and transparent as possible. Asset management, payments, trading, collateral management, loans, and many other financial services become more accessible, highly efficient, transparent, cheaper, and, last but not least, much faster. is envisioned as a complete financial ecosystem: blockchain bank (bank 3.0), infrastructure, prime brokerage services, payments and remittance solutions - all integrated with current financial infrastructure.

Current financial tendencies pointing to the new decentralized economy helped us reshape the idea of developing a specific financial ecosystem capable of digital replication of real assets on the blockchain and bringing billions of capital to DeFi. We have a global focus, starting from the MENA region and expanding the infrastructure one market at a time.

Today, traditional financial markets dwarfs that of blockchain. The global stock market is valued at $95 trillion while the entire crypto marketcap is only about $2 trillion.

Transitioning into the new decentralized economy requires duplicating trillions of capital into blockchain. If only 1% of stocks are locked in DeFi, over $950 billion in capitalization could be added to crypto markets

zMorgan Duplicate your capital
on Blockchain

zMorgan is an on-chain platform for stablecoin loans secured by stocks as collateral.

Monetize your stocks without selling them. Unlock the value of your stocks and seize every trading opportunity in the blockchain economy.

Digital money pegged
to fiat currency

AEDZ and USDZ are cryptocurrency for everyday use pegged 1:1 to the Emirati Dirham and the US Dollar respectively. Our stablecoins are universal solutions for payments, remittance, banking, trading, and many business applications.

ZamWallet A safe wallet to store and manage digital assets

- Store, manage, send and receive digital assets at your convenience

- Send crypto by phone number

- Buy, sell, and exchange tokens at ZamEx

- Access ready-made investment portfolios built by trading experts

- Secured by the world's most advanced protection methods

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Token $ZAM
Cryptocurrency for
the new economy

$ZAM is the native utility token of Zamzam’s infrastructure used to operate and secure our network.

We developed $ZAM as a universal token for CeFi and DeFi that can be used for payments, exchanged, used for stock-backed loan insurance, rewarded, staked, liquidity mining or paying network fees.


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Iliya Biniaminov
CEO, Founder
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George Gus
George Gus
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Ayman Sayed
CMO, Co-founder
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Alex Rosso
Chief Information Officer
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Ali Aoun
Chief Compliance Officer
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Ksenia Rayko
Chief Financial Officer
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