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On track to be Canada's first, fully registered & compliant Centralized & Decentralized Exchange, a first of its kind! Your one stop shop for all things crypto.
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100 Billion
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Having accesss to a feature-packed Centralized Exchange has been an issue in Canada. With major brands exiting the market due to regulations,
Steam Exchange is here to bridge the gap. Our goal is to comply with regulations throughout the country with one goal in mind:
Provide Canadians with a place they can call home.

Strong Tokenomics & Smarter
Smart Contract

Designed with investors & visionaries in mind. SteamXchange Token enables early adoption to our Native Coin on our very own Blockchain!

With strong emphasis on growth & progress, SteamXchange Token is your ticket to unlocking access to tiers & functions on Steam Exchange. The first 10,000 holders that convert to Steam Exchange will be welcomed with a permanent benefit -- To Be Announced!

Built to be Compliant &
Striving to be the best Centralized Exchange in Canada

Working with the best legal minds in the regulatory and compliancy world, Steam Exchange aims to be 100% compliant with OSC regulations, and regulations around the world.

With first of its kind features, the platform will truly be your one stop shop for all things crypto. We aim to provide services and functions that allow you to trade confidently and freely. Feature-packed while maintaining a high quality user interface. Promoting a well balanced, powerful Centralized Exchange.

Physical Locations to Manage,
and Access Your Account.

Our banking industry began with physical locations. Firstly, the internet was not available, but more so, people needed to see where their money was going. Ensuring their lifes savings, and income was secure.

Cryptocurrency began its life online. Many people around the world utilize hot and cold storage to secure their crypto. Steam Exchange wants to bridge the gap between old fashioned, and modern day practice.

Offering courses and training for all things crypto. You will be able to trade in confidence through the power of education. Fully immerse yourself into cryptocurrency like never before. If you believed the crypto space was not for you, give our courses a shot... we may surprise you!

Steam Exchange to Offer Native Coin Functioning on our own Blockchain

Steam Exchange Native Coin - SteamX Coin will be used as the main liquidity pair for all Crypto Currencies offered on the platform. It will work as a base token for the platform where all trading to, and from other Crypto Currencies begin and end with SteamX Coin.

In addition to trading, SteamX Coin will unlock tiers within the platform. The more SteamX Coin you hold, the higher the tier. The higher the tier, the more benefits you unlock. Think of this as an incentive to trade on, and support the platform!

All of this is not possible without being powered by our state of the art SteamX Blockchain! Built with speed and cost in mind, trading on the SteamX Blockchain will be fast and affordable. Gone are the days of slow trades and high fees!

% name% roadmap

  • July 7th 2021 STAGE 2 PLANNING BEGINS

  • July 19 2021
  • August 27 2021 STAGE 2 COMPLETE



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Gary Bard
Founder & CEO
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Co-founder & Head of Operations
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Chris Beckford
Co-founder & Head of Infrastructure
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