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Rowan Energy Blockcahin

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We want to turn the energy market on its head, with a blockchain-driven decentralized energy community. We wanted to build a new kind of blockchain that is truly decentralized. Within our energy community, our customers validate the energy transactions and are rewarded for their contribution to the community. We want to achieve this whilst at the same time encourage people to buy green energy and also have solar installed to produce their own green energy. Using a custom-built Proof of Authority (POA) blockchain our members will be able to trade their electricity with other consumers peer to peer and in almost real-time. Our energy supply is generated primarily by our own customers, any extra energy requirements will be bought wholesale from other renewable sources, giving us the buying power of a large customer base allowing us to negotiate excellent deals. In the UK current feed-in tariffs vary between 0.03p per KW/h to 0.055p per KW/h. Other energy companies have to buy REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) Certificates in order to sell their solar-generated energy back to the grid. But by tokenising the process our customers can see in almost realtime where their energy is coming from. This gives us a saving of 15p per MW/h, plus by tracking our energy back to the renewable source we can also tokenise ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) bringing in an extra £47.70 per MW/h. These savings can be passed back to our customers. Peer to peer trading between our customers takes place automatically by our infrastructure matching sellers with buyers of energy based on their location. Picking the closest producer to the consumer making the energy truly local. This gives maximum returns to the producer with payments also being made instantly a vast improvement to the current system that can see solar owners rewarded for their energy in up to 6 months. All these transactions happen using Rowen tokens with consumers buying tokens to buy their energy from local rooftop producers. The more customers we sign up, the more the demand for our tokens. Rowan has built its own Proof of Authority blockchain. We decided to go down this route in order to build a low powered and therefore low-carbon solution. We wanted to have control of the software side in order to scale the chain as we need, and not relying on the developers of other public chains. This is also now an asset that makes Rowan more valuable. It's also attractive to other Energy Suppliers to use as it's private and meets carbon targets.
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A great deal of the world’s existing environmental problems can be traced back to industrialization, especially since the “great acceleration” in global economy since the 1950s.

Although this great acceleration offered remarkable gains in human progress and prosperity, it has also resulted into unpremeditated consequences. Examples of such consequences endangering the global environment are issues such as climate change; depletion of forestry, fishing and freshwater stocks; unsafe degrees of air pollution; overflowing amounts of waste on land and in oceans; toxins in rivers and soils; and loss of biodiversity and habitats.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) broadens and develops further, innovations are becoming faster, more efficient as well as more widely accessible than it has even been. Technology is becoming increasingly connected, with a convergence of the digital, physical and biological realms. Fast-rising technologies, such as blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI), have enabled societal shifts as they seismically have effects on economies, values, identities and even possibilities for posterity.

There is a great and unique opportunity to make good use of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and the societal transformation it enables to help tackle environmental issues and reform how we manage our global environment.

When left unchecked, nevertheless, the Fourth Industrial Revolution could further result into unintended negative consequences such as aggravating existing threats to global environmental security by further depleting global fishing stocks, biodiversity and resources.​

Therefore, there is the need for a transformation of the current “enabling environment” for global environmental management. This transformation will cut across the governance frameworks and policy protocols, investment and financing prototypes, the principal incentives for technology development, and the nature of societal engagement. This will not occur automatically. It will require a number of proactive alliance among policy-makers, scientists, technology champs, investors and civil society.

The Rowan Blockchain has been created to spark a sustainability revolution transforming the current “enabling environment”. Our platform is designed become a leading incentive for sustainable living a first in the energy sector.

% name% roadmap

  • September 2018 - March 2019

  • Research and development into Blockchain use cases in Energy. Rowan Energy Icon April - May 2019 Website launch Test ERC-20 Token Building Low-carbon POA blockchain. Wallet, dashboard & smart contracts
  • June-September 2019

  • Proof of concept Energy Certificate to tokenise REGO, ROC and REC.
    Licenses and regulations and legal
    Talks with major UK Energy Companies
    Community building and further research and development
    Rowan Energy Icon
  • October 2019

  • Soft Launch Launch of Rowan Energy Blockchain. Dashboard and wallet infrastructure.
  • November - December 2019

  • Pen Tests
    Hosting moves
    Market research within Energy
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  • January 2020

  • Senior exec building
    Partners secured
    Angel Investment secured
  • February 2020

  • Private Pre-IEO Sale marketing
    GEO and platform redundant infrastructure
  • March 2020

  • Rowan Energy Listed in LA token
    Major publications talking about RWN
  • April 2020

    REGO/ROC application and proof of concept brought to market
  • May 2020

  • Korean IEO launch with ChainX
  • June 2020

  • Peer to Peer energy trading software brought to market.
  • July-December 2020

  • Concentration on bringing Energy Apps to market through marketing and partnerships.
  • Jan 2021 and beyond

  • 5,000,000 transactions per day. As people trade Energy and Energy certificates.
    Scale business to 18,000,000 transactions by 2022


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