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RiveX aims to bridge real world assets to the world of decentralized finance while empowering existing DeFi solutions within RiveX ecosystem.
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A next generation dApps powerhouse where it houses all the decentralized applications built on RiveX ecosystem and also dApps from other protocol's ecosystem. RX Wallet serves as a modernised super-app where users are able to use across all decentralized applications within RX Wallet itself.


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Blockchain interoperability provides an option for recognition or interaction on existing blockchain networks. We can almost compare interoperability with decentralization. Interoperability provides us with an option to share information across all existing blockchain networks. For example, A person on the Bitcoin network can send data to the RiveX network and you can easily recognize and interact with it. The main advantage is that it removes the need for a middleman, which cuts costs, saves time and removes the central point of failure removing the risk.

% name% roadmap

  • Q1 2020

  • Enterprise POC Use Cases
    BaaS - Private Chain Integration for Enterprise Solutions
    Launch of EroX first feature - xOffice
    Partnership Announcement
    Launch of DeFi Phase 1 - Twin Strike Contracts
    Alpha Test Net
  • Q2 2020

  • Launch of DeFi Phase 2 - StratoX Platform
    Launch of EroX additional features - xSign, xBNS and RiveX.TV
    Enterprise Integration
    Beta Test Net
  • Q3 2020

  • Mainnet Launch
    Announce Staking Economic Model
    Launch of Alpha Staking Testnet
    Enterprise POC in Live Production Environment


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Rivex Équipe

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Alex Ng
Chief Executive Officer
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Joseph Lee
Chief Technology Officer
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John Chan
Chief Legal Officer
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Marketing & Social Media Manager
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Global Community
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Vivian Hsu
Lead Blockchain Developer
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Mark Tan
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Li Ni
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Kal Ali
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Oliver Birch
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Midgard Research

We’ve been seeing a lot of ways to implement blockchain technology into our everyday lives, some great, some - not so much. The project we want to put on the radar today is an all-in-one solution we’ve always wanted.
RiveX is a blockchain-based cloud sharing and storage solution at its core, with an infrastructure build in such a way that allows adding trading and DApps to it easily, creating a full ecosystem of products with great user interface and utilizing the optimal amount of networking information. By using the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT) consensus RiveX can reduce the time between blocks and instantly finalize them. It also puts data integrity and fault tolerance on a higher level than usual, making it the best scaling enterprise consensus on the modern market.
RiveX creates a full ecosystem where dApps and enterprises can build on RiveX’s private chain. This will allow them to connect to Wanchain’s public chain at any time and communicate with other blockchains. Key features of RiveX’s private chain include Privacy Protection, Cross Chain Capabilities, Easy Functionality, Fast Deployment, and High Performance.
Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is one of the core components in RiveX. It is a modernised version of Software as a Service with blockchain technology added to it. BaaS allows building an all in one application that is custom made for enterprises. Their first model, Erox is solving problems faced by many industries. Products that are builing now include:
-xOffice - a powerful online office suite that supports all major document formats, that allows collaborative editing and a great deal of file format support.
-xSign - a blockchain-based app that allows you to add a digital signature to any type of document.
-xBNS - a blockchain-based domain name service that enables engagement between IPFS hashes, smart contracts, and wallet addresses.
-RIVEX.TV - a decentralized Content Delivery Network designed to create a peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system.
The team and advisory board are filled with very talented people who have worked in law, tech, financial sector, etc. The companies they have worked for include Wanchain, Kyber Network, Waves DEX, 0xcert, Dell, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corperation, Guangfa Bank to name a few.
Currently, the project is at its early stages but looks very promising and we will be following them closely.

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