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La première plateforme de conception en nuage au monde. Création d'une base de données mondiale gratuite sur l'utilisation de l'informatique en nuage telle que AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. Et rendre la productivité des créateurs jusqu'à la lune.
7 janv. 2019
4 févr. 2019
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20 déc. 2018
6 janv. 2019
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If you are involved in service development or management, this is what you have been waiting for. We will be providing special knowledge in order to raise to a higher level the ability of planners and engineering teams to make dreams a reality. This special knowledge — the final linchpin in service development — is cloud design, which will revolutionize the process of IT infrastructure construction. The world of software development, which constitutes 50% of service-development processes, has been innovated by super-tools like GitHub, a service with 28 million users. Now, we are about to transform the remaining 50% with cloud design. Infrastructure is a field where, in spite of the potential for fatal information leaks and for opportunity-loss risks, the information that is necessary has not been disclosed sufficiently. We will be sharing with people around the world superior-quality cloud designs that until now only some people have been able to find out about, we will thereby make the world a place where creators can successfully work together to build a variety of services, and where people can use those services without risk. 

A token issuance and distribution system made feasible by blockchain technology will firmly support the providing of rewards to creators as well as the use of that rewards. The stable generation and transparent distribution of rewards that this token will make possible are precisely the key to enabling cloud design distribution, in the form of open data, that is not at the mercy of interests or advertising intentions.

Although reindeer is a service that is aimed at all individuals, it is also fit for the organizational challenges — such as coordination among parties and quality audits — that arise in the service-development process at corporations. That’s because we know that most superior-quality designs lie dormant inside organizations such as corporate IT departments. So we will be building a world where precious designs hidden away inside such organizations are brought into the light of day, and where the knowledge in them can be put to use by all people.

Our mission is to make the world a place where all people can become the creators of services. In the same way that the evolution of web surfers into bloggers and YouTubers made the world a more interesting place, we believe that the world will be richer and more interesting if an even greater number of people with wonderful ideas evolve into service creators. And in a world full of service creators, it may be that, as Jeremy Rifkin predicted in "The Zero Marginal Cost Society," the concentration of productivity and wealth will become less important, and situations that became widespread in the context of that concentration — such as the gap between rich and poor and large-scale resource exploitation that destroys the sustainability of society — may disappear. It is in the hope of such a future that we will support the efforts of creators by means of this platform. And we will strive to make the world a place where all people can live equally rich lives in a society that is diverse and sustainable.


% name% roadmap

  • June 2018

  • Fundraising:
    Preparations for fundraising are currently underway.
  • December 2018

  • Start of coordination of advance collection of cloud designs:
    We will begin coordinating advance collection with corporations and individuals who hold superior-quality cloud designs.
  • April 2019

  • Beta release of system platform:
    We will release the beta versions of the CDML and the token mechanism.
  • July 2019

  • Beta release of operation-support interface and workflow system:
    We will release the beta versions of the CDML operation-support interface and the workflow system.
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  • October 2019

  • Beta release of data provisioning API:
    We will release the beta version of the data provisioning API that will encourage secondary use of data.
  • January 2020

  • Acceleration of token distribution:
    We will introduce a mechanism to promote the exchanging of tokens among users of the platform for purposes such as customizing and auditing designs.
  • April 2020

  • Promotion of extensive token distribution among stakeholders:
    We will introduce a mechanism whereby, through the exchanging of tokens, engineers and planners will be able to cooperate with each other on all aspects of service development, including product development and planning.
  • October 2020

  • Expansion of service into a service-development platform for corporations:
    With the expansion of token distribution, we will expand the service into an inter-business resource-exchange platform for the pursuit of higher quality and speed in service development.
  • April 2021

  • Realization of a talent-sharing model for creators:
    The platform will become a place where creators around the world can share their abilities with each other through the use of reindeer tokens.


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