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Quanta Networks a une approche non conventionnelle des télécommunications. Nous créons un meilleur réseau, avec de nouveaux mécanismes de réseau, faciles à intégrer aux systèmes de réseau actuels.
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2,000,000,000 QN
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ICO / Quanta Project = 67%
Team & Advisors = 15%
Marketing = 13%
Other Expenses = 5%
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Quanta Networks has an unconventional approach to telecommunications. We are creating a better network, with new networking mechanics, easily integrated into current networking systems.

We do not invest in bandwidth but enable devices to form a communication network by themselves using their own available bandwidth. Quanta establishes “facility free” connections providing for faster services, better privacy and higher security. Dynamic Quanta's dynamic route selection is determined by latency. Communications are always routed through the fastest secure path across the network.

Quanta's ground-breaking model improves the flow of network traffic as it allows data to travel using the fastest available path. Scalable The Quanta Network possesses unlimited address space capable of meeting future requirements for IoT, Mobile and Quantum Computing. Quanta Packet Protocol is technology agnostic and can utilize IR, UHF, Bluetooth, WI-FI, Ethernet, 3G/4G/5G cellular, satellite or any other current or future communications standard. Compatible The Quanta Network is fully compatible and interoperable with legacy communications technologies (IPv4/IPv6) and is fully programmable, capable of seamlessly integrating with specialized networking applications and all other foreseeable future networking technologies.Affordable Quanta Network customers would be willing to pay for more security, they do not have to. The Quanta Blockchain Network solution is designed to work with all existing, as well as future, technology hardware platforms. Quanta also does not require the purchasing of bandwidth as it currently optimizes underutilized bandwidth and pathways existing within the networks it creates. When using Quanta Network technology, the phones themselves become the network. Secure Quanta manages network paths both dynamically and asymmetrically.

By simultaneously controlling inbound and outbound routes, it creates 'cloaked' layers of communications within the network. This makes functional transitory data (i.e. DNS requests) resistant to packet sniffers, rendering critical assets and data invisible, impossible to locate. There is be no set path for the data to predictably travel through. SIM/eSim Based Anyone using a phone equipped with a SIM or eSim will be able to use a Quanta Blockchain Network. This means that Quanta's disruptive technology will be immediately available to be used in the Global marketplace. Having the Quanta Blockchain Network technology residing on the sim/eSim instead of the phones Operating system makes it easier to adapt our technology to the majority of the mobile devices in use in the global network ecosystem.

% name% roadmap

  • Spring 2017

  • Quanta Networks Team Assembled.
  • November 2018

  • Hiring of Marketing Team
  • December 2018

  • Front-end and Back-end development of Web and Token
  • January 2019

  • Quanta Networks Token Private sale begin
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  • 15 Apri 2019

  • Quanta Networks Token ICO sale begin
  • August 2019

  • Listing QuantaNetworks Token on 3 Exchanges
  • January 2020

  • Quanta Networks Services to begin in North America


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Quanta Networks Équipe

Vérifié 40%

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Dan Gahlinger
M.Sc. Ph.D Chief Inventor, Architect & CTO (Founde...
Marc Hurst
President & Managing Director (Founder)
Damian O’Gorman
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Ross Atkinson
Network Security Architect
Ankit Jogi
SIM/eSIM Architect
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Fazal Ahmed
Lead Blockchain Developer
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Farooq Marwat
Blockchain Developer
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Humberto Varela
Chairman Board of Directors
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Roberto Pollilo Sr.
Team member
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Roberto Pollilo Jr.
Team member


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Antonio (Tony) Carva...
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Roger Gilbert
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Glen Kaiser
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Michael West
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Quanta Networks Entretiens

Dan Gahlinger
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the CTO, architect and creator of the Quanta Networks Solution,
With over 40 years of computing, networking and security experience.
I bring my vast breadth of knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom to the project.
What do you think about idea?
Blockchain and Mobile Networks: A Match Made to Benefit Consumers:

Today, the world of banking, finance, and contract negotiation has been revolutionized thanks to blockchain technology.

Still, most players and consumers are yet to understand how the technology works. Blockchain technology promises to change not only the financial sector, but also the medical, telecommunications, business, and a host of other industries.

To start with this is a digital ledger of verified transactions. These transactions are locked together chronologically in an encrypted chain. It is a distributed storage of time-stamped documents in which no party can tamper with data without being detected. This also means that the time-stamped data can be shared across computer networks but cannot be copied.

The Role of Blockchain Technology in the Telecommunication Industry

Unlike most industries, the telecommunication industry is ahead in the application of blockchain technology. The industry is currently in the middle of the digital transformation.

Technologies such as virtualization, RPA, AI, and more have already been actualized. At this juncture, throwing in Blockchain technology sums up the whole equation. The technology is seen to offer not only quantifiable but also measurable benefits in the current operations as well as future readiness.

The following explains how the telecommunication industry has and will continue to benefit from the blockchain technology.

1. Readiness for 5G network

Players in the telecommunication industry can use the technology (Blockchain) to circumvent barriers that might be encountered in network provisioning as well as real-time processing. This technology reduces the friction that may be evident in the implementation of the 5G network. This is because smart contracts will be used for invoking automatic implementation of rules and agreements across all access mechanisms and real-time supply of the network resources. This, in the end, is beneficial to the consumer of a telecommunication network because operators will no longer have to integrate a high-cost system. Thus, they will easily provide authentication settings to enable roaming calls across any network and operator. Complex datasets across network operators will happen in real time and with high trust and security.

2. Smart Transactions

Before the technology was invented, purchasing digital assets such as mobile games, software, loyalty points, security and music, gift cards and more would prove a thorn in the flesh. However, with technology, this old age problem is well taken care of.

3. Promotes Transparency And Neutrality

As discussed in the beginning, blockchain is distributed in nature. This, therefore, means that the database is decentralized and a copy of the whole record is available for every user and all the participants of the peer to peer network. Participants are required to authenticate and verify every new block. Therefore a new block is only added upon the majority consensus. Since data is stored in many cryptographically validated ledger copies in the network, there is not a single point of failure. The data is free from hacking and cannot be controlled by a single entity. Thus neutrality and transparency are guaranteed.

4. Efficient Mobile Money Transactions

It is no secret anymore that technology has enabled pocket-friendly international remittance throughout the world. These transactions are completed with a lesser transaction charge as compared to the conventional way of sending and receiving money. This has allowed most telecom players to double up as global remittance providers. Customers who want to transact overseas can, therefore, enjoy negligible transaction costs when they adopt blockchain technology.

5. Security and Immutability

When it comes to issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, most people are still skeptical. It is maybe because of the horror stories narrated by cryptocurrency investors, and rather clueless cryptoanalysts. Some may be skeptical as to question the security of cryptos. But one thing stands out clear; cryptocurrencies are encrypted using both private and public keys. The encryption is for maintaining security. Therefore, cryptography and digital signatures are used to prove identity. Each blockchain block is linked to a preceding block. It is impossible to change the historical records since each of the blocks has a permanent timestamp. The timestamp enables tracking and verifying information.

6. Fraud Management

In line with security and immutability, fraud detection remains a hot button topic in this industry. This has been propelled by the annual losses, estimated to be about $38 billion. As it stands, the telecom industry has not yet conclusively managed to prevent fraud. Blockchain, therefore, steps in as the saviour, as it promises to effectively, and in a sustainable way thwart fraud. This is evident in identity management as well as roaming.

Identity fraud occurs, for example, when someone uses falsified information such as identity to obtain services. This could, for instance, be a physical SIM card. Blockchain is capable of preventing this with its inherent public cryptography key that links a mobile device to the real owner’s identity. A telecom company such as Quanta Networks broadcasts the phone generated public key rather than having the IMSI broadcasted to the network to identify the device. The public key is generated by the device which is generated from the stored securely on the device. Whether you are the carrier or just a third party knowing the private key is of no importance, but the consumer remains protected.

Is the User Safe When Using a Blockchain Compliant Telecommunication Company?

New Blockchain applications are emerging by the day. Most telecom companies are fast adopting blockchain technology and are reaping its benefits. Quanta Networks is by challenging conventional communications blueprint. The company is set to introduce a facility free, tower free and a secure blockchain ecosystem. It does this with the main aim of circumventing the insecurities and inefficiencies in the current system. This, in the end, will see that users are safe when transacting or using telecommunication services.


Blockchain solutions are key to enabling smooth operations between internal and external systems of a telecommunication company. It brings down not only the infrastructure but also the compliance cost. Most of these benefits enjoyed by the telecommunication companies are channelled down to the consumer. Service innovations are fast, and costs slashed down to size. Blockchain technology is the main tool for keeping in check, fraudulent practices.

Learn more about Quanta Networks Inc and their ICO: https://quantanetworks.io/
Marc Hurst
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Just as the Quanta Network Project is innovative in so many ways - as President the team I lead has been forced to innovate every step of the way. I might be the Captain but I have a fantastic team of experienced minds that have embraced that we are tackling, and delivering on something completely transformational for the telecom vertical.
What do you think about idea?
Being able to offer the mobile user market the Utility Token vehicle as a way of activating the technology is an elegant and simple strategy to get our technology into the users' hands as a straightforward value proposition. The Utility Token platform has many more interesting product activation opportunities that are currently being explored by our team.
Ross Atkinson
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Provided technical consulting and proof of concept development. Worked with founders to create and flesh out the vision of a new paradigm in networking turning the current concepts and accepted practices on it's head.
What do you think about idea?
Imagine a mobile phone service that charges you a single monthly fee no matter how much you roam, how far you travel, how much data you use or how many local or long-distance minutes you use. Also imagine your phone part of a Blockchain network where every transaction is completely secure. Your data and privacy is completely resistant to compromise.
The Quanta Network is a departure from conventional telecom thinking. Quanta has created the “better” network – utilizing new networking mechanics that work seamlessly within today’s networks. Faster, more secure and ultimately private.
Roberto Pollilo Jr.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a founder, and investor, and work on the business development of the project. I joined the Quanta Networks team 2 years ago.
What do you think about idea?
The world has been waiting for this kind of technology. Quanta networks will change everything in regards to telecommunications, network security, and networking.
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