Metajuana Cannabis Society

Metajuana Cannabis Society

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Growing on SOL | you reap what you sow.
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Sur Metajuana Cannabis Society

2,210 seeds were sown into the Solana blockchain.

% name% roadmap

  • Phase 1 – “The Mint”

  • 2.210 metajuana seeds will be sown into the Solana Blockchain on Feb 4, 20h est :check:
    Our necessity of life $WATR token will begin to be airdropped to wallets shortly after mint :check:
    40% of mint into MCS wallet for re-injection and further phases. :check:
    CLOUDD will be formed. 60 SOL will immediately fill the CLOUDD :check:
  • Phase 2 – “Motherplants, and the THCLP “

  • Staking and evolution UI will be released to the public
    Liquidity begin to be pushed into our $WATR token, and $WATR available for trade on raydium
    Development and release of 3D cross-breeding system
    Creation of second collection “Mother Plants”
  • Phase 3 – “Plant Our Feet”

  • Collection 3, “3D plants and Greenhouses” will sprout
    Metaverse land will be purchased using the MCS wallet
    The MMD – Metajuana Metaverse Dispensary will open its doors
    MMD to be used for Metajuana merchandise, plant showcasing, free SPL tokens drops to mint Metjuana merch NFTs, direct e-commerce integration from meta-dispensary, create merch for your own strain, plant trading, reserved giveaways/discounts on your favourite NFTs.

    When we say merch we mean grinders, papers, bags, accessories, lighters, clothing. You can imagine how many items Metajuana can integrate
  • Phase 4 – “Oh thats tasty, M.O.M”

  • Global image and branding development in the cannabis space
    Metajuana to be the official digital meta of Cannabis
    – 50% of MMD sales and proceeds directly put back into MCS wallet

    – 5% will go to the team
    – 20% will be put back into the wallets of 3D holders
    – 25% will be used to develop phase 4
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