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Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Media Sifter is a decentralized community bringing evidence back to the news. A transparent platform which collects all the perspectives in one place. A fresh opportunity for authors to be rewarded for investigation and accuracy. A trustworthy, ad-free space that helps readers get to the bottom of the story.
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1 mai 2018
1 juin 2018
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Media Sifter is the Fact-Based news platform on the blockchain. A decentralized community bringing evidence back to the media, to fight against fake news. Our aggregator gathers all the perspectives into one place, creating a transparent, impartial setting where people can make up their own mind. For authors, it is a fresh opportunity to earn rewards for investigation and accuracy. For readers, it is a trustworthy, ad-free space to get to the bottom of the story.

To power this platform we are developing the Sift Protocol - the evidence and validation layer for Ethereum . It is an open source, stand alone tool to bring transparency and accountability to the internet. In the long-term, the Sift Protocol will be deployed on any platform where the validation of information can be sourced and traded. The first application of this is through the SFT Token on our platform Media Sifter . To protect against attacks, censorship and manipulation we are developing a complimentary on-chain, non-purchasable, non-tradable Credibility score known as CRD.

At its core, Media Sifter re-aligns incentives, replacing the attention economy with the evidence economy , creating an environment where investigation takes precedence. Since the story does not end once it is live on a website or in print, we believe anyone should be given the opportunity to provide evidence to a story and be rewarded for doing so.


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John Ferreira
CEO & Founder
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Cyrus Clarke
COO, Founder
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Adis Begic
Blockchain Lead
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Asbjørn Lauwersen
Protocol Lead / Behavioural Scientist
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Ezequiel Djeredjian
Communications Lead
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Colin Hill
Web Full Stacker
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Matthias Roedl
Protocol / Game Theorist
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Martynas Mockapetris
Front-End Developer
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Aurora Hotta
Social Media Growth
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Valentin Ciocirlan
Partnership Lead
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Stefan Canariov
Lead Generator
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Lisbeth Kirk
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Sasha Schwendenwein
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Gregory Rocco
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Asger Bing
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David Dizon
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Marquise Stillwell
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