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InterFinex Nous sommes la première plateforme d'échange exclusive pour les traders professionnels. Nous visons à fournir les outils nécessaires, la commodité, un environnement fiable / certifié pour exécuter des stratégies de trading avancées et améliorer les performances commerciales globales. Il n'existe pas de plate-forme concurrentielle claire visant à satisfaire les traders de niveau professionnel. L’échange actuel porte principalement sur l’enregistrement de nouveaux clients plutôt que sur l’amélioration de la plate-forme. Le marché n'est pas encore au stade de la spécialisation et tous les échanges desservent tous les clients.
10 août 2018
15 sept. 2018
100% terminé
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InterFinex has worked hand-in-hand with top crypto traders to create a dashboard that includes the following analytics and metrics:

  • Market analysis, advanced analytics and benchmarking
  • One-click performance & portfolio growth reporting
  • Custom reporting based on success parameters
  • Built-in tax tracking for easy, one-click tax reporting in all jurisdictions
  • And so much more. This is only the beginning. We're in constant dialogue with our trader clients to continually upgrade the platform, so that it meets the needs of even the most advanced professional or institutional crypto traders.The result: you're able to fix strategic mistakes faster, optimize your performance more rapidly, AND grow your accounts at the speed you want.

InterFinex strongly believes in the rule "you trade what you can see" that's why we are offering event-driven trading and real-time market data. No more continues polls, no more waiting for the fill or cancel – we completely understand how trading systems are built and what professionals are expecting from its exchange. The world is changing so we are offering a combination of two APIs – REST/WebSockets for the new-generation developers and standard FIX 4.4 for hard-core financial professionals. With our FIX 4.4 interface for market data and execution, InterFinex can be easily integrated into existing OMS systems and back-ends. Most exchanges don't effectively accommodate large orders, requiring pro traders to place multiple orders over time, losing the trading opportunity they were planning to take advantage of. InterFinex has built-in incentives for serious market-makers and our customer base is almost exclusively high-volume traders, including professionals, hedge funds, and institutions. This, combined with our User Growth Fund, rebates and lucrative tokenomics, helps bring unrivaled liquidity to the platform in the short-term and future. The result: you lower any potential 'slippage,' reduce your risk and boost your ability to grab big opportunities at a higher scale. Waiting a week or weeks to get your account verified, problems with a deposit or withdrawal, money gone missing, getting locked out of your account—these are all costly and extremely stressful problems for a crypto trader. And while not all traders experience them, with InterFinex you'll have the peace of mind that our world-class concierge team will be available to support you in any way you need—via PHONE and chat (whichever you prefer)—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The result: having dedicated concierge help at your fingertips ensures you avoid disasters and continue to trade profitably.

% name% roadmap

  • Jan 2018

  • -Team Formation
    -Matching Engine by Modulus FE
    -Initial Whitepaper
    -Project Start
  • May 2018

  • -Beta Whitepaper
    -Full-scale Devops
    -Legal and Regulatory
    -Core Team Growth
  • Aug 2018

  • -Licesing in EU
    -Public Alpha
    -Final Whitepaper
    -Private Presale
  • Nov 2018

  • -Public beta Launch
    -Staff Expansion
    -Marketing, PR
  • Lire la suite
  • 4Q 2018

  • -Trade-mining ICO
    -Fiat Deposits and trading (EUR)
    -Feedback-based Development
  • 2Q 2019

  • -Equity Funding
    -Mobile Apps
    -Full Functionality
    -Community Growth
    -Margin trading
  • 4Q 2019

  • -Scaling Terchnology
    -Equity Token Trading
    -Community Growth
    -Various Improvements
  • 2020+

  • -Established Brand
    -Strong Partners
    -IPO (?)
    -New Opportunities


InterFinex Équipe

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CEO, Co-founder
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Chairman, Co-founder
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$8 339 419

CTO, Co-founder
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Financial Structuring and Fundraising
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Christian FERRI
Business Development
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$90 000 000

Alexander KRAVETS
Founder and CEO at XTRD.IO
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Alexandr KERYA
Product Manager at CEX.IO and CEO of INCRYPTICO
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Founder and CTO of XTRD.IO, CEO of AxonSoftware
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$16 798 000

CEO & Founder at Quazard – Unchartered Gaming
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