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Gominer Token is a Peer-to-Peer token that has a sophisticated level of security for a multi-functional digital currency and for all future use expansion. The token is created to help our user to interact and expand the way of their earning in Cloud mining. Using the Gominer Token user can purchase hashpower to start mining cryptocurrency or upgrade their current account and purchase additional services or upgrades.
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4 août 2019
4 sept. 2019
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Secure Your Tokens

Register to participate on the on-going Token Pre-sale and have a chance to save more than 100% and avail the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

Cloud Mining using GoTokens:

Purchase hashpower using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have a one year validity and FREE 14 days electricity fee.

Pay as You Go System

Gominer developed a cloud mining system where user only need to pay for the electricity fees to experience no overhead earnings. 
Newly purchased contracts comes with a 14 days FREE maintenance fee. You will experience up to 500% profits during the 14 days trial.
Electricity fees will be deducted automatically on your earnings when your trial expired, and if you don’t’ pre-pay the electricity fee balance.

Stake or Withdraw your profits

You will start receiving profits instantly right after you purchase your mining contract.
Stake your earned Gotoken or convert it into Bitcoin and send it right to your private wallet.
Receiving and sending assets to Gominer is easy and secure. 
With the help of our fully develop blockchain server, all transaction are processed instantly without delay.

% name% roadmap

  • Dec 14, 2017

  • Company Foundation
  • Q1 & Q2 2018

  • Asic Research and Development
    Gominer Development
    Multi Algo Research
    Mining Pool Development
  • Q3 2018

  • Business Partnership with energy distributors, 3rd party merchants, hardware distributors
  • Q4 2018

  • Start of Asic Production
    Gominer Platforms Beta Version
    Gominer Token Release
  • Lire la suite
  • Jan 2019

  • Token Seed Round
    Joint Ventures with Private Investors and contract Signing.
  • Feb 2019

  • Block Explorer
  • Mar 2019

  • Web Platform Security Upgrade
  • Apr 2019

  • Launch of Cloud Mining
  • May 2019

  • Gominer Platform:
    Web Stacking Wallet;
    Gominer Windows and Android App;
    Beta Mining Pool Release;
    Crowd Funding Announcement.
  • Jul 2019

  • Token & Asic Presale
  • Sep 2019

  • IEO
  • Oct 2019

  • GT Internal Exchange
  • Nov 2019

  • Gominer Wallet Plus
  • Dec 2019

  • Decentralized Cloud Mining
  • Q1 2020

  • International Bank Compliance:
    Visa and Master Card Application;
    Gominer Debit Card Implementation;
    3rd Party Exchange Listing.
  • Q2 2020

  • Office and Warehouse
    New Hardware Production
    Physical ASIC Store Local / International
  • Q3 2020

  • GMX-R2:
    Research and Development;
    Design and Prototyping;
    Production Planning;
    Production Implemantation.
  • Q4 2020

  • Mining Farm Upgrade


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Eric Matt Liamison
COO & Blockchain Developer
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Cedric John Maude
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Vincent Lloyd Whitm
Director of Community Development
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Jenny Lewey Lauren
IT Professional & Software Development
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Josh Daniel Leris
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