Globetrotter Ecosystem

Globetrotter Ecosystem

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Une crypto-monnaie vraiment stable.
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15 janv. 2018
28 févr. 2018
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15 nov. 2017
1 déc. 2017
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The missing link in the cryptocurrency universe

GlobeTrotter is the first cryptocurrency ready to be used mainstream.

For a cryptocurrency to be used mainstream, it has to be truly stable and any coin on an exchange will never be truly stable, so that eliminates every cryptocurrency on the market presently. This is where GlobeTrotter comes in. We have the only truly stable cryptocurrency, the Globie (GTC), and it won't be on any exchange.

On the flip side, a coin that is not on an exchange won't grow in value so we have our GlobeTrotter token (GTT) that will be on exchanges and fluctuate.

You can’t have one coin that can do everything and that will please everybody so GlobeTrotter has found THE perfect solution to this problem; They created a three token system:

  1. The GTT token: is what will be sold during the Token Sale and afterwards to raise money for the project. It will be exchanged on the cryptocurrency exchanges like other tokens/coins, will fluctuate (hopefully upwards), will come with many benefits and voting rights and give the holder the chance to enter the monthly skill based game to win a bunch of Globies to use or sell.
  2. The GTC (Globie): is the first truly stable cryptocurrency. It will have a fixed price and will never fluctuate. Its price will be in the 10 biggest FIAT currencies. If someone buys Globies with Euros , then they will be traded back for the exact same amount of Euros no matter when they are traded. For the customers, it is to be used to purchase travel and for the vendors, to pay their suppliers. It has what is called a “Smarter Contract” which means that anybody can create their own smart contract when sending coins.
  3. The GTG: is a gift coin that will be free and vendors will be able to give them away. It also has the “Smarter Contract” built into it so the vendor can write all the conditions for use and that those gift coins can only be used at the vendors’ business and with any conditions wanted like start/finish date, what percentage of gift coins can be used, etc.

The GlobeTrotter Ecosystem will comprise of:

  • A blockchain that will be a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain that will evolve with time as we make it better, faster and more efficient.
  • Three tokens that will be ECR-20 compatible and have a smart contract embedded into them instead of an independent entity on the blockchain using space.
  • The Smarter Contracts System which is a very simple way of making your own smart contracts. It will be as simple as checking options on a check list.
  • A decentralized market to acquire the GlobeTrotter GTC & GTG tokens and redeem the GTC's.
  • A debit card to purchase items at stores that do not accept Globies yet.
  • ATM's strategically placed for the travelers.

You can't expect to conquer the whole commercial world at once so GlobeTrotter will concentrate on the travel industry to start with. It will give the travelers many travel benefits that they would not normally get. On top of that, every 400th person that purchases something with Globies will get an immediate full refund of their purchase.
The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest retail markets in the world, with over 3 Billion travelers spending $2.23 Trillion dollars in 2016 (and growing by about 5% every year) that is directly attributed to travel purchases. By using our Globie coin (GTC), the travel and tourism industry will save billions of dollars in credit card fees, bank transfer fees and frauds plus, the customers will get more for their money and feel secure that their information cannot be stolen or used fraudulently.

% name% roadmap

  • T4 2017

  • - Recruter des programmeurs et des experts en marketing
    - Marché pour les marchands de voyages
    - Lancer le marketing au public
  • 1er trimestre 2018

  • - Construire et tester blockchain et portefeuille
    - Emettez des globes et des GTG avec des contrats plus intelligents
  • T2 2018

  • - Construire l'échange
    - Système de test
    - Développer des API
  • T3 2018

  • - Lancement de l'écosystème GlobeTrotter
    - Préparer les guichets automatiques pour les globes
  • Lire la suite
  • T4 2018

  • - Construire et lancer des cartes de débit GTC


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Alan E. Shields
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Richard Symon
Exchange Director & Partner
Sergey Balashevich
Project Manager @ Altoros
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Igor Aksinin
Director, Business Development at Altoros


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Philippe Derudder
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Given that this project is tailored for the travel and tourism industry, it is worth noting that it is ambitious and pegged on its users’ ditching the volatile ones for it. But it will be quite an exciting type of cryptocurrency going by its unique features.

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