Global Community Coin

Global Community Coin

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Created using Figma
Welcome to Global Community Coin – GCC The world’s first truly Community based currency that’s aimed at financially empowering millions of people across the globe, building a Global crypto community through decentralized telecommunications and security software applications (DAPPs)
23 août 2021
4 oct. 2021
100% terminé
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5,500,000,000 GCC
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Distribution for Pre-sale Coins is done within 1 hour.
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10% discount for the first 500 Pre-sale participants with orders from 5BNB plus
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Sur Global Community Coin

Global Community Coin is a technology that's home to alphanumeric currency, global expenses, and submissions. The community has assembled a thriving digital economy, audacious new ways for architects to make online money, and so much more. It's open to everyone but specially built for entrepreneurs, we have a large community of entrepreneur to boost this Community coin. Global Community Coin objective is to develop decentralized telecommunications and security software applications (DAPP). The easy-to-use interface of Global Community Coin will provide an ecosystem of services. It is issued on Binance smart chain which is decentralized platform on a mission to moon hard. Internet is a global and distributed network which enable million and billions of users to communicate and connects together through a common shared platform. With the blast of DeFi we have seen an excessive number of new digital currency miners get sucked into a high APY LP-cultivating trap, feeling miserable as they are moved out by before purchasers with higher marking rewards. GCC is a community-based cryptocurrency. GCC is the first of its kind to come up with an idea of empowering communities through cryptocurrency and this is the reason why we are giving away the biggest percentage of the coins to our community through the airdrop program. Dev team will work hand in hand with selected leaders from different parts of the world, basing on their skills to push the project forward.


Some key features of Global Community Coin are:
Secured and safe: Global Community Coin leverages a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network that cryptographically helps in securing every transaction.
• Quick transfer: Instant fund transfer globally is available with the help of fast block execution unlike traditional remittance, unmatched speed, and payment processors.
• Decentralized: Direct transactions among network participants without the presence of a central facilitator are enabled with the help of decentralized technology.
• Easy to use: User-friendly interface intended for seamless Real world use cases.
• GCC is a community-based cryptocurrency. GCC is the first of its kind to come up with an idea of empowering communities through cryptocurrency and this is the reason why we are giving away the biggest percentage of the coins to our community through the airdrop program.
• Scalability: Assures scalability for pacing up with the industry's transaction requirements, thereby facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrency
Every GCC transaction incurs a 4% tax for the benefit all GCC community.
Total supply is 5,500,000,000 GCC. 2% of all transactions (buys, sells and transfers) are distributed to all holders. You increase your balance just by holding GCC.
• Presale: 18.19%
• First Airdrop: 18.19%
• 2nd Airdrop: 18.19%
• 3rd Airdrop: 18.19%
• Bounty Program: 9.1% •
Project Development: 9.1%
• Rewards Program: 5.45%
• Dev Team: 3.64%

% name% roadmap

  • 1Q of 2021

  • GCC project idea, Dev team set up and project development started.
  • 3Q of 2021

  • Website development
    GCC development, deployment and contract verification on BSC.
    First Version 2:1 of the whitepaper drafted and uploaded on the website.
    Pre-sale and distribution launched. All pre-sale stages will be handled in the 3Q of 2021.
    Social Media channels created.
    First Airdrop registration launched to reward the first 500,000 members to join GCC.
  • 4Q of 2021

  • Distribution of Airdrop to the first 500,000 lucky members.
    The GCC coin trading goes live.
    Once our pre-sale runs successfully, we plan to have GCC listed on 5 exchanges before closing 2021.
    CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing.
  • 2Q of 2022

  • Second Airdrop 1 billion
    Bringing 5m Users to GCC Eco System
  • Lire la suite
  • 3rd Airdrop to bring 10m people into the GCC ecosystem.
    New Whitepaper version
    Decentralized Encrypted Messaging App
    hybrid blockchain research
    Multi-currency mobile wallet development
    Hybrid blockchain development
    Node wallet, web wallet and mobile wallet betanet release
    Migration to MainNet – Own Hybrid blockchain deployment
    The GCC SWAP to own blockchain successfully completed.
    GCC own payment gateway development
    GCC Marketplace
    GCC Mastercard


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