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Garnex Gold Corporation is a newly-organized mining and exploration company whose primary focus is the further exploration, development, and initiation of production in the Garnet Mining District, which is located in Western Montana near Missoula. In addition to the Garnet project, Garnex will be engaged in examination, investigation, and acquisition of additional precious metal properties that our management team believes may contain valuable precious metal deposits and possibly commercially-mineable minerals. Garnex’s exploration activities will be focused within the U.S., primarily the states of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.
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GARNEX intends to conduct exploration for gold, silver and base metal deposits and mineral targets. Our strategy is to explore for gold, silver and base metal deposits, forming joint ventures with other companies who will potentially earn their interest in the property by contributing cash. The revival of operations in old districts can be easily justified on the basis of increased prices of precious metals in the last decade and advances in the technologies of exploration and mining. Garnex purchased the Garnet Mine project for $4 million, which consists of 4,300 acres of land consisting of 23 patented mining claims and 188 unpatented claims. Total area is in excess of 6.6 square miles, located in Western Montana near the city of Missoula.

Several important corporate priorities set by GARNEX’S management are expressed by the choice of these abandoned mines, exploration projects, and prospects. There are certain priorities that may contribute to the strategic advantages of GARNEX’S operations, as well as advantages, efficiencies, economy, and cost savings. These priorities are:

  1. The properties should indicate strong values for gold or silver for the purpose of leveraging future returns from the current prices of these metals; additional metal values also known to be present in several of these properties would represent added value.
  2. Emphasize work in select mining districts in order to leverage operational experiences, similar geology and knowledge base peculiar within a district.
  3. Assemble operations within hauling distance of operating custom mills, in view of establishing future toll milling agreements.
  4. Operate in areas within a reasonable commuting distance of GARNEX’S base of operations.


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