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Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept which brings the world of NFTs and future gaming together. It elevates the existing art and gaming performance by exposing it to every corner of the world.
24 juin 2021
8 juil. 2021
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17 juin 2021
8 juil. 2021
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Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept which brings the world of blockchain, NFTs and future gaming together. Gaming is a big growing industry in this period. It is expected to grow with diverse opportunities for user wanting it. Blockchain industry provides a breathtaking platform for all the gamers which is fruitful to many of them in terms of utilities, incentives, and rewards.

Fabwelt brings the NFT world and gaming together on the Polygon (previously known as Matic) Network. We do this by creating and integrating existing games on the blockchain where an NFT represents a game settings or game rule. An NFT has a specific setting and or rule that the owner can use in the games while they are playing it. Using these NFTs can give a player very specific but limited advantage over other players in-game match. For example, these advantages in a 3d shooter could be:
• Infinite ammo for 5 minutes
• Changing the level that’s being played from daylight to night
• Freeze all opponents for 5 seconds
• Change an overall rule like all payers standing still longer than 10 seconds loose
• Give a player extra health or boost for an amount of time

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what a NFT could represent in a game.

To take gameplay to a broader level for non in-game players and real life sports matches Fabwelt also introduces fantasy gaming as the utility for FWLT token. It eliminates the limitation of fantasy gaming admirers by bringing all of them together at one place. Currently, Fantasy sports is limited to offline or online applications, which can be sometimes boring and less encouraging. The gaming idea motivates all the fantasy players by rewarding the winners and allowing them to participate in designing their own game rules. Freedom is immense and opportunities are never ending. An ecosystem which covers almost all the sports fantasy existing, giving the players a chance to interact with each other over the gaming portals and rooms. Fabwelt makes these gaming enjoyable as it is not only fun to perform but also it would be life changing for many users in many ways.

Fabwelt will produce a wide range of utility for its main token FWLT:
• NFTs as in-game utility
• Fantasy game integration
• Staking
• NFT market
• Giving upcoming artist a unique platform concept


Safe & Secure Fabwelt has no mint function, liquidity will be locked for 1 year, and the token contract will be renounced. Early Bonus Fabwelt holders and stakers can earn rare NFT’s from respected designers. Long term holders will receive additional NFT bonuses. Universal Access Fabwelt utilizes the advanced Polygon L2 chain. This provides easy access and super low fees for all Fabwelt purposes. Future Gameplay Fabwelt is community-oriented platform that produces limited edition, unique and authenticated NFTs as well as trading cards created by quality artists. Staking Rewards FWLT hodlers will enjoy staking benefits within the Fabwelt ecosystem, earning an APY of up to 150%, while getting to choose how they cash in those rewards. Future Proof Fabwelt will continuously innovate and build our future based on the wants and needs of the most important people, our community. Join Fabwelt and help to direct its future.


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