STR Global Summit

London , United Kingdom

Sur STR Global Summit

Understanding the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of securities - debt, equity, funds, structured products and derivatives.

Digitization along with the blockchain are now being adopted by the traditional financial services industry and will create opportunities for many and radically disrupt others. With all the worlds major stock exchanges and banks along with new entrants and country regulators positioning to take the lead.

The series will be focusing on opportunities in traditional securities, alternative assets, and funds. Bringing together, Fintech, Blockchain, Investment Banking and the wider ecosystem. How can we re engineer capital markets using blockchain?

The London event is part of this innovative global series of high-level events designed to bring together industry leaders with total focus on the realisation of the security token ecosystem.

Raisons pour y assister

1. 100% focused on the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of finance
2. A pre-qualified audience of your institutional investor executive peers
3. High quality central Location
4. 70%+ investment and finance community attendees at every event
5. Great networking opportunities


Vasant Viswanathan
VP Product Manager, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Citi
James Green
VP Project Management & Innovation Ambassador, Societe Generale, UK
Stephane Malrait
Managing Director and Global Head of Market Structure & Innovation for Financial Markets, ING, UK
Joerg Ambrosius
CEO EMEA, State Street, Germany
Lead Blockchain Architect & Head of Emerging Tech, London Stock Exchange Group, UK
Andrew Peel
Head of Digital Asset Markets, Morgan Stanley, UK
Afficher plus (24)
Jacek Wieclawski
MD Head of Capital and Financial Markets Innovation, Rabobank, UK
Søren F. Mortensen
Global Director Financial Markets, IBM, UK
Ruth Wandhöfer
Partner, Gauss Ventures, UK
Andrea Bonaceto
Chief Executive Officer, Eterna Capital, UK
Jeffrey Sweeney
Chairman and CEO, US Capital Global, USA
Hans Lombardo
Director, Blockpass, Hong Kong
Swen Werner
Managing Director, Digital Product Development and Innovation, State Street, UK
Graham Rodford
CEO, Archax, UK
Lawrence Wintermeyer
Board Co-Chair, Global Digital FInance
Luc Falempin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tokeny, Luxembourg
Teana Baker-Taylor
Executive Director & Board Member, Global Digital Finance
Matthew Le Merle
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Fifth Era & Blockchain Coinvestors, USA
Mike Barrell
CEO and Founder, Juliet Media
Shane Kehoe
Co-Founder, SVK Crypto, UK
Daemon Bear
Business Development Manager, MINT Partners, UK
COO, Innovate Finance
Blockchain Initiative Lead, ING Bank, The Netherlands
Innovation Strategy Lead and Co-Head of European Government Affairs, Citi, Belgium
Nasir Zubairi
CEO, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, Luxembourg
Stefan Schuetze
Member of the Management Board, Finlab, Germany
Managing Director, Blockwall, Germany
Billie Xu
Emerging Technology Analyst, London Stock Exchange Group, UK
Rob Nance
Managing Partner, CityBlock Capital, USA
Jonny Fry
CEO, Team Blockchain, UK

Les partenaires

APAC CIO Outlook

Ordre du jour

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome Remarks
09:05 Day One Chair's Opening Remarks
09:10 The Impact of Fintech on the Corporate & Investment Banking Market
09:30 The Future of Financial Institutions
10:00 What Investors Expect and How Blockchain Investing Compares Today
10:20 Digital Securities in the Institutional World
10:50 Panel Discussion - The Blockchain Facilitated Security Token Business Case
11:20 Networking Refreshment Break
11:50 Driving Revenue Through Blockchain & Other Technology Implementations
12:10 Regulatory Challenges for Digital
12:30 Legal Considerations for Digitizing Capital Markets
12:50 Networking Lunch Break
14:00 Panel Discussion - Security Tokens, Regulation and Legal Considerations
14:35 Panel Discussion - What is the Latest in Security Token Finance and Investment?
15:10 Networking Refreshment Break
15:40 Tokenization in Practice
16:00 Compliance in Digital Capital Markets
16:40 Panel Discussion - Custody and Settlement of Digital Assets
17:10 Day One of Chair's Closing Remarks
17:20 Networking Drinks & Global Security Tokens Awards Ceremony
09:15 Day Two Chair's Opening Remarks
09:25 DLT/Blockchain Driving Change for Banks & Trading Infastructure
09:45 Panel Discussion - Transforming Front-to-Back Operations in Financial Institutions
10:30 Networking Refreshment Break
11:10 Panel Discussion - The Future of Financial Services
11:45 Panel Discussion - Technology to Support the Industry
12:20 Networking Lunch Break
13:40 Panel Discussion - Early Stage Financial Technology Innovation Investment Trends
13:50 Roundtable Workshop - The Vision and Opportunity for Institutional Investors
14:45 Tokenizing Debt
15:05 Tokenizing Real Estate
15:50 Digitizing Commodities
16:10 Finding Liquidity in Crypto Markets
16:30 How Traditional Financial Institutions View the Digitization of Currencies
16:50 The Challenges of Making Crypto Markets
17:10 Day Two Chair's Closing Remarks
17:15 Close of Conference


4 févr. 2020 à 08:00 , GMT (UTC +0)
5 févr. 2020 à 17:15 , GMT (UTC +0)
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