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Industry leaders, influencers, developers and fans meet in NYC for all things Non Fungible. Enjoy debates thoughtleader talks, workshops and industry briefings from the leading names and brands in blockchain


Ian Utile
Innovative Strategist | Optimistic Tech Futurist | Serial Entrepreneur | Biz Dev Executive | Inspirational Leader
Lou Kerner
Crypto investor & evangelist CryptoOracle
Alex Atallah
Cofounder & CTO OpenSea
Angela Ung
Lead Front-End Developer Coin.Kred
Andrew Horn
Snr Engineer and API Lead Coin.Kred
Ken Fromm
Founder BuildEth
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Tara Townsend
Head Of Business Development Rare Bits
Jordan Messina
Creator KittyHats
Jonny Howle
Product Design Lead at uPort ConsenSys
Michael Anderson
Co-Founder Hashletes
Cyrus Lohrasbpour
Angel Investor focused on Non-Fungible Tokens and associated technologies
Dan Viau
Team member OpenSea
Sune Thorsen
David Pakman
Partner in Venrock's New York City office, David focuses on early stage venture investing in consumer and enterprise internet companies.
Jeremy McLaughlin
Consumer Financial Services K&L Gates
John Egan
Cofounder & CEO Vault
Arnold Waldstein
Market Maker, Communications Strategist & Storyteller, Crypto Geek, Wine & Wellness Fanatic.
Kartashov Vlad
Linda Lu
Associate 645 Ventures
Christopher Robison
Community Manager Hoard Exchange
Vlad Kartashov
Oliver Carding
Founder CryptoKaiju
Donnie Dinch
CEO powering great experiences on dapps with Bitski
Arthur Madrid
CEO Pixowl
Cyrus Lohrasbpour
Palo Alto Angel Investor focused on Non-Fungible Tokens and associated technologies
Bradley Kam
Unstoppable Domains & Co-founder Talkable
Dan Kelly
Opportunist, developer, hacker, crypto-enthusiast - Founder Non Fungible
Gauthier Zuppinger
Co-founder Non Fungible
Nithin George Eapen
Technologist, Investor, Adviser, Speaker, Crypto-Evangelist, Uber-Libertarian, Motivator, Provocateur
Devin Finzer
Helping the dapp layer cross the chasm @projectopensea | @YCombinator alum, previously eng @Pinterest and @CreditKarma
Seth Feibus
Co-Founder Nifty.Supply
Kevin Beauregard
Eve Sussman
Creator of 89 Seconds Atomized on Snark.Art.
Anne Bracegirdle
Photographs and Art+Tech Specialist
Matt Hall
Co-Founder CryptoPunks
Fanny Lakoubay
Duncan Cock Foster
CEO and co-founder Nifty Gateway
James Waugh
Co-founder Bidio, Inc
Axiom Zen’s resident Spark Plug, adding jolts of enthusiasm to the projects
Nicolas Julia
Co-founder and CEO Sorare
Ian Wishingrad
Founder and creative director BigEyedWish
Michael J Casey
Chairman of the Advisory Board CoinDesk
Graham Friedman
Co-Founder TLDR
Ian Lapham
Blockchain Engineer John Hancock
Andrew Beal
Senior Manager, West Blockchain Strategy Lead EY
Thomas Emmanuel
Experienced head of product at several projects including BlocSide Sports
Brian Flynn
Author of popular NFT Newsletter NFTY.News
Clay Robbins
Ecosystem Development Lead @ 0x 0x
Rene Schmidt
Co-Founder Qwellcode
Richard Titus
Strategy Advisor
Benny Giang
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV Host, Hall of Fame Speaker and Business Celebrity
Marguerite deCourcelle
Indianapolis CEO at Blockade Games, #Bitcoin artist turned blockchain #game developer.
Devin Finzer
Helping the dapp layer cross the chasm @projectopensea | @YCombinator alum, previously eng @Pinterest and @CreditKarma
Cyrus Lohrasbpour
Palo Alto Angel Investor focused on Non-Fungible Tokens and associated technologies
Ray King
Portland CEO of Top Level Design
Jodee Rich
CEO at PeopleBrowsr - An integrated Social Collaboration, Engagement, and Blockchain mBaaS. Releasing Coin.Kred
Kush Parikh
Player Tokens' founder and CEO bringing baseball and blockchain together to create collectibles
William Mougayar
Author, The Business Blockchain. Producer, Token Summit. Venture investor & Advisor. Mentor, Entrepreneur, Speaker. JM3 Capital
Tony Sheng
Product Lead at Decentraland and author of essays on the business and strategy of crypto. Decentraland
William Entriken
Lead author ERC-721 Standard
Michael J Casey
Chairman Advisory Board CoinDesk
Brinkley Warren
Host & Co-Founder Token Fest
Jeremy Gardner
Founder BEN
Dani Grant
Dan Chao
CEO/Co-founder Mastermind Studios

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