Investissement Crypto & Blockchain Tech 4.0

Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Sur Investissement Crypto & Blockchain Tech 4.0

Conformément à la vision de l'Arabie saoudite à l'horizon 2030, le Royaume d'Arabie saoudite entend devenir l'épicentre mondial de l'économie numérisée, qui sera entièrement alimentée par les technologies de la blockchain. Pour prospérer dans l’économie 4.0, il est primordial que les entités saoudiennes comprennent parfaitement comment les technologies Blockchain vont perturber notre compréhension du monde, de la vie privée et du monde des affaires.

Blockchain Tech 4.0 sera la toute première conférence du Royaume à se pencher sur la mise en œuvre multisectorielle de la blockchain, notamment les gouvernements, les soins de santé, le pétrole et le gaz, les ports et la chaîne meilleures pratiques pour la mise en œuvre de la blockchain.

Rejoignez plus de 300 pionniers de la blockchain, investisseurs, représentants du gouvernement et dirigeants, afin de discuter des obstacles liés aux perturbations de la blockchain et de la manière de gérer et de résoudre les risques émergents de la 4ème révolution industrielle .


Eng. Sami AlHussayen
Vice Governor for SME Support SMEA - Monshaat
Faisal Aljuwaidi
Bilal Hussain
Dr Mustafa Hasan Qurban
Osama Ashri
Board member Wadi Makkah
Afficher plus (11)
Adel Alfayez
Prof Arwa Al Aama
Fahad AlSharekh
Dr. Moudhi’s Aljamea
Cyber Security Assistant Professor Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University
Sofana Dahlan
Founder Tashkeil
Tarek Bin Othman
GM & Senior Business Consultant Iradah Business Development
Yousef Al Yousefi
CEO Marco
Sohail AlRazeen
CEO Oqal
John Hargrave
Mohanned Halawani

Les partenaires

Ordre du jour

8:00 Registration, Refreshments and Networking

09:00 Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks

09:05 Thought leader address- State of Blockchain globally: joining the race for excellence Bilal Hussain, CEO, Digital Transformation LLCSmart Government Roadmap: 4.0 Digitized Economy

09:10 Government Keynote addressVision 2030: How Saudi Arabia will lead the digital economy globallyBlockchain boot camps: starting strong by setting the right blueprint, protocol and foundational componentsHarnessing the full potential of blockchain technology in government entities

09:30 Ministerial panel discussion: Empowering Smart Governments with BlockchainUnderstanding how blockchain will deliver more seamless, safe, efficient and impactful city experiences for citizens and residentsIncreasing operational efficiency, accountability and financial transactionMazen Al Dawood, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Commerce

10:15 Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority’s blockchain roadmap: setting blockchain as key enabler for economic growth Defining blockchain as the driver for Trade and InvestmentUnderstanding benefits and challenges while setting a blockchain infrastructure in public and private entitiesFaisal Aljuwaidi, Head of Sandbox, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

10:45 Fostering digital transformation in the SME ecosystem: the vision of the General Authority for Small and Medium EnterprisesAligning to the 2030 strategy: how to create a strong ecosystem of digitally advanced SMEs in KSAUnveiling the benefits of accelerating digital transformation: generating job opportunities through the development of digital solutionsEng. Sami AlHussayen, Vice Governor for SME Support, General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises

11:05 Awards Ceremony: Recognizing Blockchain Pioneers in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaRibbon Cutting – Exhibition Tour

11:30 Prayer Break

12:00 Hackathon: The first look into Smart Contract Scripting: Tools & ApplicationsWhat is Blockchain and how will it impact the business world in KSAUnderstanding the foundations of Blockchain: a decentralized and accountable technologySafety in Blockchain: understanding the incorruptible storage of data for your businessAbel Maciel, Director, Construction Blockchain Consortium – University College London

12:30 Investing in blockchain: a regional overviewInvesting in the region: assessing investment appetite and return investment in cutting edge blockchain technologyThe role played by Institution Investment Groups and Sovereign Wealth Funds: winning investment for your organizationFahad AlSharekh, CEO, TechInvestGovernance and Data Management

12:50 Regional Case Uses: Engineering 4.0 cities – Dubai Silicon Oasis AuthorityFrom Tech-Utopia to reality: creating a thriving blockchain ecosystem for SMEsRace of for excellence: setting the most competitive blockchain blueprint globallyHans Christensen, Vice President, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

13:15 General use of blockchain in Healthcare: creating risk proof data managementUsing blockchain to securely share data generated by clinical trials, such as patient demographics and information about adverse reactionsLevveraging blockhcain’s decentralized consensus protocols to help enable providers and health plans to update listings more quicklyProf Arwa Al Aama, Professor and Certified Blockchain Consultant, King Abdulaziz UniversityDr Mustafa Hasan Qurban, CIO, King Fahd Military Medical Complex

13:45 CXOs Panel DiscussionThriving in the Blockchain era: what industries will benefit the most from Blockchain in KSA?Understanding the foundation of Blockchain for different industriesPreparing to thrive: analysing key steps to implement in your organisationThe Aggregating Economy: harnessing the benefits of blockchainBilal Hussain, CEO, Digital Transformation LLC

14:00 Lunch break and Asr PrayerSecurity

15:00 Panel discussionGovernance and Blockchain: understanding benefits and implementation challengesHow can Blockchain ensure full transparency to the governance of your business?Accountability in the 4.0 era: managing digital assets, equity and sensitive dataJohn Hargrave, CEO, Media ShowerMohanned Halawani , CEO, 

15:20 Industry specific roundtable discussions: discussing about the impact of Blockchain in KSAGovernmentHealthcareOil & GasShared services15:45 Chairman’s closing remarks

16:15 End of conference Day 1

8:00 Registration, Refreshments and Networking

09:00 Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

09:05 An academic perspective on cybersecurity implications of blockchain deploymentVenturing into uncharted waters: understanding how blockchain strengthens security for your organizationUnbreakable cryptography chain: relying on a risk proof architectureDr Moudhi’s Aljamea, Cyber Security Assistant Professor, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

09:30 Accelerating the digital transformation journey of SMEs in Saudi ArabiaHarnessing the power of collective impact: propelling the SMEs digital transformationEducating SMEs to integrate blockchain across business operationsOsama Ashri, Head of Development, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Blockchain – International case uses

10:00 Prioritizing blockchain technology in R&D strategiesOverhauling R&D processes and systems: aligning with technological advancementThe blockchain disruption: educating teams and business departments to embrace distributed ledgersAdel Alfayez, CITO, Saudi Aramco – King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture
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11:00 Coffee Break And Speed NetworkingEmbracing disruption

11:45 Invitation only: Investment opportunities12:00 Blockchain disruptions: paradigm shifts in the O&G sectorSmart trading: providing a reliable and efficient platform for executing and recording energy tradesTransaction automation: transforming the supply chain with enhanced transparency

12:30 Panel Discussion: The future of the shared economy in KSAEmbracing change: the impact of blockchain will have on the Kingdom’s economyUnderstanding blockchain regulations and its effect on financial markets

13:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

13:50 Lunch Break And End Of Conference Day 2


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