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DEXKIT is changing the game of decentralized trading. The next-generation DeFi toolkit contains a full-suite decentralized exchange (DEX) that leverages powerful 0x (ZRX) technology allowing for multiple order types including ZERO GAS FEE placement of stop and limit orders. The exchange is powered by the underlying DEXSwap aggregator which gathers information from over 14 exchanges in search of the best price and liquidity for tokens. Collectors can launch their own customizable NFT marketplace where they can exchange crypto art, in-game assets, and any other ERC721 or 1155 token. The DEXKIT dashboard is the main control room where users can monitor statistics from all over the crypto markets, customize deployed DEXKIT tools, and perform swaps within the onboard multicurrency wallet. DEXKIT’s aggregator is available for use today. The aggregator monitors more than fourteen exchanges to provide up-to-the-minute cryptocurrency data securing the best price for atomic swaps in over 70% of cases. With a base fee of just 0.1% and a discounted fee of 0.01% for KIT holders, DEXKIT outperforms the industry standard of 0.2%. Using DEXKIT today is an obvious choice for ERC20 traders on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Our advanced trading, atomic swapping and market making tools make for revolutionary Ethereum chain white-label solutions. DEXKIT offers advanced customizable tool ‘KITs’ that empower traders to make profitable, well-informed trades. Utilizing a familiar exchange interface complete with WordPress integration, these advanced trading tools will allow users to:

- Place leverage orders
- Set gas-free decentralized limit orders, stop limit, and private orders
- Deploy arbitrage bots
- Earn from arbitraged orders through “arbitrage mining”
- Track 0x mesh liquidity and view stats on decentralized protocols
- Create a custom-designed NFT collectible marketplace
- Execute multiple actions in a single process such as removing tokens from a liquidity pool while converting them to a single currency

DEXKIT is founded on established open source technology and will build exclusive features that will only be available to users of the platform. Users will have the ability to trade a variety of tokens like BTC, ETH, and DOT directly from the dashboard wallet. The full suite of DEXKIT tools can be branded and implemented into any existing WordPress compatible website. The ability for ‘KITs’ to be implemented in this way allows affiliate audiences to access DEXKIT features without having to link to an external page. By using the toolkit, creative platforms will have a litinty of powerful crypto tools at their disposal. DEXKIT seeks to enrich these platforms by offering valuable features that will make decentralized trading and DeFi applications easy and streamlined.

DEXKIT subverts traditional fee structures found on centralized crypto exchanges by allowing buyers to stake their KIT tokens to receive 70% of collected fees paid out monthly in ETH. Staking participants are only required to provide KIT in order to qualify for rewards. ETH rewards and staked KIT can be withdrawn at any time without penalty. Fees collected by partners are split with a portion going to the staking rewards pool.


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