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Building next-generation blockchain applications.

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Our mission is to help clients launch blockchain applications that real customers will use. We understand that new blockchain-based products mean new business models. We're here to build them and to help you get adoption.

We're a full-stack blockchain service shop, and so much more.

We are fully committed to projects we manage and consistently go the extra mile to ensure our products are performant and meet our high standard of quality to be production-ready.

We come prepared and complete enough research to fully understand how to implement our solutions with real users. We create real, viable business models. To provide maximum flexibility for our clients, we use agile frameworks to build products.

Product features are planned and delivered in two week iterations. At the end of each iteration, completed work is demonstrated, with an opportunity to re-prioritize requirements for the next iteration.
 We start with a conversation. Our goal is to understand your business needs and determine if blockchain technologies are best to solve your problems. With short iterations, priorities can be adjusted in real-time to ensure we deliver the highest value.
 Here’s where we start getting into the weeds. We spend time with your team to understanding your technical requirements and take them away to devise a plan. We return with a proposal and estimated costs.


Des postes:


Mathieu Glaude
CEO, Co-Founder
Sasha Lutsaievskyi
COO, Co-Founder
Yash Paliwal
Product Development
Dylan On
Front-End Developer
Tomisin Jenrola
Smart Contract Developer
Nakul Raj
Product Owner
Arjit Khullar
Full Stack Developer
Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Software Developer
Nilesh Kamani
Tech Lead
Harmeet Singh
Front-End Developer
Mihir Trivedi
Software QA Engineer
Kevin Hadrill
Marketing Manager
Peiwen Xu
UI/UX Designer
Jimmy Faye
UI/UX Designer
Samantha Sharkov
Lead Product Owner
Allan Neil
Senior Product Owner
Lucy Yang
Business Development