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ByteDex is an ecosystem with Byte Exchange, Byte Wallet (Byte W), BYTEDEX Token, ByteDex Community, and ByteChain.
15 juin 2021
31 juil. 2021
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Byte Exchange is a hybrid exchange that users can connect their non-custodial wallet ( ByteW, Trust, TronLink, etc.) to the exchange without storing their keys on exchange. In this way at every stage users can keep their transactions safe and keep control of crypto assets they own. Byte Exchange will be launched on the 31st of July.

ByteW is a Dex wallet created for the ByteDex ecosystem that will have several features for users, trading on Byte Exchange. Byte Wallet (shortly ByteW) can connect major swap exchanges on Ethereum, Binance SmartChain, and Tron. With this opportunity, users can swap on Swap exchanges, and then they can proceed to trade on Byte Exchange to cover themselves from high slippage costs and unseen costs of swap exchanges. Byte W will be on the markets on the 15th of July.

BYTEDEX Token is a utility token that provides great benefits to the users in ByteDex. By hodling BYTEDEX Token on ByteW, users get %300 commission discounts. With BYTEDEX Staking users can get staking rewards up to %50 net income of Byte Exchange. BYTEDEX also has features on ByteDex TokenLauncher and ByteDex AltTokens List.

ByteDex Community is the main part of the ByteDex Eco-system. In every country, ByteDex Communities have the right to elect their community leaders when the community reaches 30.000 organic members. Community leaders will be at the board of ByteDex and will have the right to vote on decisions.

ByteChain is the ecosystem dual blockchain. With the launch of ByteChain, all transactions done in the Byte Exchange will immigrate to ByteChain that will give great transparency and security within the exchange. With this opportunity, new DeFi projects can be launch on-chain by users among the other great features provided by the blockchain.

Bytedex is a blockchain based Exchange that users connect with non-custodial crypto wallets. As a hybrid exchange it takes some features from centralized exchanges to give more better services for its users. So Bytedex is a decentralized exchange that has some features of centralized exchanges that makes it a Hibrid Exchange. So we can call Bytedex as a HEX Exchange. ByteDex do not store your funds. Users connect to exchange with non-custodial wallet and trade in a secure environment. In Bytedex Exchange we are using a different architecture that gives ability us to work Ethereum, Binance Smartchain and Tron Networks at the same time. ByteDex has a Dex wallet named ByteW! ByteW is a multisign wallet like trust wallet that users can connect to our exchange and operate on there 3 blockchain networks at the same time via advanced smart contract operations. Also in Bytedex Exchange, “ByteDex Brokers” is another feature that professional traders would like it very much where they give professional trade services to their customers using customer funds in a determined limit that decided by fund owners. Also we give opportunity to BYTEDEX Token holders to get an income over staking their tokens on ByteDex exchange up to %50 APY according to their staking amount and time. ByteDex has an innovative thinking mind, at the end of this year, all features will be completed as written in white paper. Byte Exchange will be opened at 31st of July


ByteDex Liquidity Solution
Never Miss Opportunities with 300+ Trading Pairs!

ByteDex Dapps
Develop Applications on the ByteDex Blockchain!

ByteDex Token Launcher
Create Tokens on the ByteDex Exchange. Develop Your Own Project!

ByteDex Coin
ByteDex Coin Holders Benefit from Special Commission Rates and Share the Revenue of the ByteDex Exchange by staking.

OTC Platform
Meet Secure Crypto Trading with ByteDex! Trading Freedom between Buyer and Seller with ByteDex Assurance!

ByteDex Brokers
If You Are A Good Trader, Trade with Your Customers Limits From Our Special Panel. Keep You and Your Customer Safe!

Byte Wallet (ByteW)
With ByteDex’s Decentralized Wallet, Your Crypto Assets Are Always Safe! Open a Window to Blockchain with ByteW!

Payments and Fiat Money
Trade Crypto Assets from All Over the World with Both Your Credit Cards and Debit Cards on the ByteDex Exchange!

Number of Trading Pairs
ByteDex will be the Exchange with the Highest Number of Trading Pairs. 120+ Pairs at Opening and 300+ Pairs in First Year will be put into the process. And so on in very near future!

Info technique

ByteDex is a decentralized exchange with a central management based mainly on a double tier blockchain structure.ByteDex develops
its own blockchain system in partnership with abroad. ByteDex can reach very high transaction capacity and perform transactions within 1 to 3 seconds thanks to its double tier blockchain structure.
 ByteDex works on a blockchain structure that functions with its own consensus algorithm built on 12 super nodes existing in every continent of the world. With the opening of the ByteDex exchange, BYTEDEX coin production, which we call exchange mining, will also be possible.
Thus, the ByteDex ecosystem will be further strengthened with the small formed nodes. “nodes” are the participants that run private
blockchain software in the blockchain network and approve transactions on the blockchain. ByteDex’s upper layer blockchain enables the ByteDex exchange and transactions within the ecosystem to be processed and quickly recorded. The under tier, namely the “Mainnet”,
allows the ByteDex ecosystem to record other blockchains or transactions that go out of the ecosystem or enter the ecosystem.
Transactions made in the upper tier blockchain are not included in the mainnet, but when leaving the ByteDex ecosystem or entering the ecosystem, the last state of the upper tier transactions are processed into the lower tier blockchain.
 To explain this with a simple allegory, the lower tier is the mainnet court and the upper tier blockchain acts as a notary. On standard
blockchains, every transaction goes to court, is sued, reviewed, approved, and recorded.
This requires time, money and energy. This is how the process works with even the smallest transaction. In ByteDex, transactions are firstly recorded in the notary public quickly.The ByteDex top tier blockchain records all transactions within the ByteDex ecosystem in this way

% name% roadmap

  • August 2020

  • Preparation of Exchange Architecture
  • October 2020

  • ByteDex Protoype Design
  • February 2021

  • ByteDex Software Infrastructure
  • April 2021

  • Website Launch & ByteDex Token Pre-Sale
  • Lire la suite
  • March 2021

  • ByteW And Mobile App Design
  • June 2021

  • ICO
  • 15th July 2021

  • Launch of Byte Wallet
  • 31st July

  • Launch Of Byte Exchange!
  • August 2021

  • ByteDex Staking
    Token Launcher
    OTC Platform
    ByteDex Rewards
  • September 2021

  • Launch Of
    ByteDex Brokers
  • January 2022

  • ByteChain
  • June 2022

  • June 2022
  • July 2022

  • BYTEDEX Token
    Listed in 5 Exchanges
  • August 2022

  • At least 150 K
  • January 2023

  • ByteDex Community
    At Least 6 Different


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ByteDEX Équipe

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Mehmet Köseoğlu
CoFounder CFO
Uğur Özkan
İsmail Köseoğlu
Founder & CEO

ByteDEX Entretiens

Mehmet Köseoğlu
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I work as CTO in Bytedex team. I am proud to be with this team in the Bytedex project, where I have brought to life the experiences I have gained for many years.
What do you think about idea?
We have created a project in accordance with the spirit of crypto. In the crypto world, we designed a system in which values are delivered to their original owners, not to anyone else. We named it Bytedex..
Uğur Özkan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I work as CTO in Bytedex team. I am proud to be with this team in the Bytedex project, where I have brought to life the experiences I have gained for many years.
What do you think about idea?
We have created a project in accordance with the spirit of crypto. In the crypto world, we designed a system in which values are delivered to their original owners, not to anyone else. We named it Bytedex..
İsmail Köseoğlu
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My main role is the management of the project process. More than 15 years project management experience, i am using my abilities in the ByteDex Project. As a Ceo i give critical decisions with my board to keep the project in the way as planned. Me and my team are true blockchain believers, so the ByteDex Project
What do you think about idea?
ByteDex is a new era in the field of crypto exchange. We offer various new things can be found on ByteDex is not an idea but a project with finished products soon people will use and enjoy features of the eco system.

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